“Journey Towards Empowerment with MyGov”

19 Jan 2019

People’s participation is the essence of good governance.
Narendra Modi – Prime Minister, India

In a democracy it is the choice, the will and active participation of the people that strengthens the significance of “government of the people, by the people and for the people”. People’s participation is thus, not only the essence of good governance but the very backbone of the democratic process. Inclusiveness denotes the true meaning of democracy; and in that context, it is a right as well as a responsibility of the people. Besides being informed citizens of the country, only when people express their views and opinions, does it become possible for a government to effectively execute and sustain the essence of democracy.

Over a span of more than half a decade, India has seen various instances contribute towards developing and strengthening the democratic process. One such instance is the launch of the MyGov platform – an innovative initiative to foster participatory governance with the aim to reduce the gap between the people and the government, and make them more involved in the governance of the country at both the state level and the national level. The MyGov portal provides citizens the opportunity to exchange their ideas, views and includes them in various significant policy and decision making processes undertaken by the government. At the same time, it keeps the people updated about the schemes and activities undertaken for public welfare, and how they can draw the benefits from them.

Not only has the platform provided citizens a voice in the governing process but has also enabled them to showcase their skills through participation in various competitions such as essay writing, painting, film making, logo designing etc that are conducted periodically. The various attributes of the MyGov portal include Discussion, Talks, Polls, Blogs etc on topics based on the diverse issues significant to a particular state or the overall policies and issues related to the nation at large.

A transformative chapter in the history of India, the MyGov initiative marks a journey towards empowerment. For the first time, Indian states are now making their unique presence felt from various perspectives – cultural, linguistic, social, political, economic, environmental etc by sharing the stories of their people and offering them a voice to share their concerns, their achievements, their visions and their dreams. People from all over the country can now reach out directly to the government to voice their concern, share their perspective or bring to the forefront their knowledge, which in turn can be transformed into actionable agenda by the respective departments.

Diversity has found a common ground through the MyGov platform; a ground where vision meets implementation, where the diverse needs of the largest democracy in the world gain a unique identification and where participatory governance gets endowed with a new character. Truly, India is on a transformative journey and we the people now have the opportunity to play a decisive role in this historical moment of self governance or ‘surajya’. A challenging task indeed, but nevertheless an opportunity to improve the our state and our country, MyGov has given us the opportunity to collectively work towards taking revolutionizing our future.
So come let’s register and welcome a new beginning for our beloved state.

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