Moving Towards Prosperity with Cleanliness

29 Sep 2017

‘Cleanliness’. Just the word creates a pristine feeling in one’s mind. The mind is invigorated with cheer.

The institution of the School does the noble task of inculcating this habit of worshiping beauty in the form of cleanliness. In the journey of transformation towards prosperous India, the first step belongs to cleanliness. Therefore, along with ourselves, we also need to take responsibility of keeping our premises clean. As Mahatma Gandhi has said, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”, Hon. Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi has highlighted the importance of cleanliness and has announced ‘Swachh Bharat Mission.’

This year, the Swachh Bharat Mission fortnight was announced from 1st September to 15th September. Hon Shri. Modiji had appealed for “Swachh mission to Swachchha output”. Accordingly, our school- Zila Parishad Primary school, Vitthalwadi had organized various programs during this period. Students created a rangoli of Swachh Bharat Mission logo. Important information was written on school notice boards for creating awareness in the society. There was a painting competition for the students. A documentary was shown about cleanliness on the board. Teachers guided students and they were administered the oath for cleanliness. A video of all these initiatives was prepared and it was posted on YouTube along with other social and mass media channels so that it could reach all sections in the society and thus an awareness- campaign regarding “Swachh Bharat Mission” was taken up.

Moreover, various daily activities are being taken up round the year to inculcate various habits amongst students related to cleanliness such as usage of a toilet, washing hands, and other cleanliness habits to internalize healthy environment. Unclean hands lead to many diseases and therefore the students were explained about the importance of washing hands and various methods of doing so. Accordingly, students in school wash their hands with a hand wash or a soap from time to time- before the meal, after visiting a toilet, after playing. Also, during their classes, their nails, clothes, teeth, hair

etc. are being inspected regularly and they are being guided to maintain personal cleanliness as well. During parent-teacher meetings too, guidance is being provided regarding the individual health of the

students and their cleanliness habits. Accordingly, the parents take care of their children. With all this, students have internalized the habits of cleanliness.

For maintaining cleanliness in the school campus, regular daily inspection of the school campus is done before the class. School classrooms, toilets, kitchen, water tank etc. all are regularly cleaned. As per the Marathi lesson in Class III- ‘Journey of wastage’, all the students were informed about dry and wet waste and its management. The wastes are segregated into dry and wet wastes in the school campus. The manure prepared from the waste is used for the trees in the school campus.

All students are vaccinated from the primary health centre. Students are given tablets for killing germs. Efforts are made through tree plantation and cultural activities to beautify the school and students are encouraged in achieving beauty through cleanliness.

The school is an extremely socially relevant component. Therefore, under Swachh Bharat Mission, a special campaign was implemented to make the village free from open defecation and it was run by the school and teachers. Initially, the families without toilets were adopted and many home visits were made. They were made aware through ‘Good Morning Team’, morning meetings and guidance. With information and encouragement, these families too have constructed the toilets and started using them regularly. With all these drives, the village has become free from open defecation.

With such innovative initiatives, we have transformed our school into a ‘clean and beautiful’ school. This is the direction where our school is marching ahead to transform innocent children into aware and responsible citizens of tomorrow’s India by teaching them the importance of cleanliness along with other things. In this manner, the vision of a Clean India by Mahatma Gandhi and Hon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be achieved.

Shri. Yuvraj Laxman Ghogare

Assistant Teacher, Zila Parishad primary school,

Vitthalwadi, Centre- Deulgaongada, Tehsil Daund, district Pune.

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