MP Govt is sculpting its capital, Bhopal into a Smart City

22 Aug 2017

After implementing Public Bike Sharing scheme in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh Government is planning to execute Smart city scheme to other cities in the State as well.

The Madhya Pradesh government is constantly working under the Smart City project. The public bike sharing scheme has begun in Bhopal City. Bhopal is the first city in the country to introduce non-motorized transport in Smart City Mission, where smart public bike sharing scheme was first implemented. Under this policy of the State Government, citizens are getting amicable support.

Bicycles can be rented by paying by app, smart card, e-log-in-pin or mobile phone.  Due to low rental and comfortable availability, there is encouragement of cycling in the city and cycling is providing city and city dwellers with pollution-free environment, as well as good health and clean city.  A number of steps are being taken by the Madhya Pradesh government to spread awareness, the competition is organized by Municipal Corporation and Bhopal City Link Limited. Bicycling competition is organized for professional cyclists.

With the help of public bike sharing, there is considerable change in the life of common people. Government appeals to all the citizen of the state to use public transport as much as possible . In the initial round of the scheme, around 50 bicycle stations and 500 smart cycles were provided in the city.

All the residents of the city can register their thoughts and suggestions on for promoting, improving and utilizing these cycles.

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