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07 May 2015


In Focus: Featured Volunteers (Part -4)

As a part of the series to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of volunteers selflessly contributing their skills and efforts to MyGov, we present the experiences of four volunteers who have volunteered with MyGov:

“I have been a part of MyGov for quite sometime and it’s been really great working with the team. The assigned projects are simply worth working on as these enhance our knowledge about what could be the best possible solutions to miscellaneous problems. It is a really good venture initiated by the government as people are able to give the suggestions thereby helping the officials work towards progressive India.”

3Kishore Kumar Raju
MyGov provides me the best opportunity to be part of our Government’s participative and inclusive decision-making process
Listed below are few amongst many a thing that keep me motivated
– Work is extremely meaningful
– Suggestions are sent to respective ministries and acted upon
– We have already seen action on few suggestions that we presented to Honorable Minister for IT & Telecom Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad in Nov 2014 at the Digital Samvad
– Suggestions given by volunteers for MyGov website were also incorporated in the recentupgraded web interface. MyGov factors the best inputs and acts upon
– Being a nationalist like any other Indian and also Inspired by our Visionary Prime Minister this is the least that I could do.
– Juggling between Office & Home (doting parent of 3 kids – a 3 year old & 11 month old twins), I always manage to find time every week for MyGov and never give excuses
He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else – Benjamin Franklin
Looking forward to a long-term partnership- Kishore Kumar Raju

“I feel blessed to be in association with MyGov. Connected with nearly each & every Indian through the thread of MyGov one can expand himself/herself in their respective fields & can thus become a proud contributor towards Saurajya. I am not an exception in this connection. Professionally being a teacher, I remain involved in such activities – volunteering in a number of departmental projects – thus making myself available for the fullest development of the country in the complete sense. Come & join MyGov to make our country develop & powerful.”

4-233x300Dr. Pratap Singh Panwar
Kindly accept my sincere gratitude to MyGov and its team as I have been given a great opportunity to contribute my best in volunteering service. MyGov stands the most innovative in terms of engaging people in policy making. While sorting out inputs on 51 topics, which could be incorporated in policy decisions, I feel directly connected with the people, their problems, who desires to have their all leaders should be recognized as reformative, unbiased, qualified, competent for accountable governance and the best policy, they expect from the government.Hailing from a farming village, Chandoli, in Panipat, associated with the service project of Research Centre of Ministry of Agriculture, ICAR- NBAGR and living in Karnal, Haryana, I have never witnessed any such leadership at anywhere, who gives much weightage to a common man’s say in the governance process. Inspired by our PM Shri Narendra Modiji’s call for ensuring Surajya&Sawach Bharat, I hope my little contribution as a volunteer will surely facilitate good governance in its true sense.

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  • shree raksha - 6 years ago



    I feel proud to be in associated with MYGov. I am volunteering in a number of activites – thus making myself available for the fullest development of the country and satifaction . Come & join MyGov to make our country develop & powerful.” In my opinion it should reach every citizens in the country and our little contribution will make good governance & powerful.

  • reekesh sharma - 6 years ago

    Can i be a volounteer for kindly assist me to how i can participate in

  • RAJARAMAN SWAMI - 6 years ago

    I am an Mechanical Engineer from atop institute in the country and have been in Corporate industry for more than 30 years.I would like to part of the MYGOV team offering suggestion and expertise.I have held various senior positions in companies like L&T,FORD TRACTORS,MITSHUBISHI Etc.
    Name: R.R. SWAMI

  • Dinesh Sharma - 6 years ago

    Even I do lot of work without for welfare without coming in a subdued way.

  • MANISH MAHAPATRA - 6 years ago

    India नाम हटा के हमारे राष्ट्र का नाम भारत होना चाहिये!! जय श्री राम!!!

  • Digvijay Pandey - 6 years ago

    You guys are really doing good work and I wish you all the best for future too

  • chanukya reddy - 6 years ago

    Hi, This is Chanukya Reddy, from bangalore, I am more interested in the participate in the "Swatch Bharat", we have participated through our GE company..I want to meet the people who are having the same thoughts and sincere work at this programme,if anybody interested we will work together to keep nation is clean..

  • SANJIB SAHA - 6 years ago

    আমিও আপনাদের সাথে যোগ দিতে চাই। শিশুশ্রমিকদের জন্য কাজ করতে চাই।

  • matam mayurnath - 6 years ago

    Very Happy to see these Volunteers Contributing their Time and Talent towards development of my Nation "BHARAT"..

    Mera Bharat Mahaan
    Jai Hind