Mygov, Intel& DST announce the top 20 ideas for ‘Innovate for digital India challange’

07 Aug 2015


The journey of innovation and entrepreneurship ushered in by MyGov, Intel & DST – Innovate for Digital India Challenge – is another step closer to finding the best ideas for the Digital India vision. The challenge which was open to aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, innovators, academia, designers, engineers and makers drew 1913 entries from all over the country and has now shortlisted the top 20 teams who will receive grants of up to INR 200,000 per team to develop prototypes in the final stage of this nation-wide contest.

The top 20 were selected from a pool of 50 shortlisted teams that went through rigorous paper presentations in Ahmedabad to a selected jury comprising of industry leaders like Shri H K Mittal, Adviser, Member Secretary National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), Prof. Amit Karna, Chairperson, CIIE, Priyanka Chopra, Director – Portfolio Support, CIIE, Venguswamy Ramaswamy, Director, Tata Consultancy Services, Ajay Bhagwat, Founder, Renu Electronics, Ashish Deshpande, Co-founder, Director, Elephant Design, Srikrishna Ramamoorthy, Partner, Unitus Seed Fund, Naganand Doraswamy , Vice President, SPAN Systems, R P Gupta, Senior Independent Consultant, Rema Subramanian, Co-Founder, Managing Partner, Ankur Capital, Shankar Maruwada, Co-Founder, EkStep, Vishwas Mahajan, President – Pune Chapter, TiE, Sachin Kelkar, Head – APAC Scale Program, Intel and Kishore Ramisetty, Senior Director, Market Enabling Solutions, Intel. The jury kept the two broad areas of the challenge and selected the top 20 on the basis of the idea’s ability solve a key citizen problem, delivering value to citizens, market opportunity, scalability of product/business, entry barrier/competition/uniqueness of idea and potential traction in terms of revenue, users and customers.

Launched in April 2015, the challenge is now in the Accelerator phase where the top 20 participants will get the rare opportunity to be mentored in Pune for up to 12 weeks starting in August during which they will develop MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) on Intel® Architecture. By the end of the 8-week Accelerator phase, up to ten teams will be chosen and will have access to grants of INR 500,000. The remaining 10 teams will continue their mentoring phase until completion of 12 weeks.

As we get closer to the big reveal, it brings us immense joy to discover the passion and genius of young Indian minds and we are extremely proud of our top 20 teams. We are more confident than ever of bringing in revolutionary solutions for Digital India through this unique platform designed in collaboration with the Department of Science and Technology* (DST) and Intel and which is anchored by IIM Ahmedabad’s Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship*(CIIE).

The names of our shortlisted participants and excerpts from their idea summaries are listed below:

Education tech

Id Details

First Name

Last Name

Product or Service Idea




Solar powered digital education in remote locations




A 3D holographic SDK to promote education




5D methodology for education




Efficient scheme rollout and implementation system for governmental services


Id Details

First Name

Last Name

Product or Service Idea




Geolocation based public information systems, government announcement portal




Radio bandwidth usage for government information transfer




Automatic KYC processing and validation

Healthcare Tech

Id Details

First Name

Last Name

Product or Service Idea




A basic coloscope device for cervical cancer screening




Text to speech, facial recognition and image conversion to sound for aiding the visually impaired




Multipurpose healthcare device




Audio based service/app for the  visually impaired with navigation guide

Financial Technology

Id Details

First Name

Last Name

Product or Service Idea




Aadhaar based solution which allows easy access to credit for shopping and online transactions

Agri Tech

Id Details

First Name

Last Name

Product or Service Idea




ICT solution bringing "Mobility, Analytics and Cloud" to farmers




Green House Management as a Service


Id Details

First Name

Last Name

Product or Service Idea




Robotics for manufacturing and pollution control




Wearable safety device in form of a body armour




Digital identity, employment and micro ATM ideas




Text-to-speech of articles into indian languages




End-to-end platform for individuals, corporate and other organisations to impact the underserved sectors




Wearable device for epileptic people to track, monitor, alert

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  • purshottam abbi Azer - 8 years ago

    माननीय …सादर
    स्वच्छ भारत निर्माण हेतु कचरा जलाने के लिए बिजली का बड़ा सयंत्र लगाने से समस्या का समाधान हो सकता है !
    उत्तर प्रदेश,पश्चिम बंगाल ,तमिलनाडु में यह संभावना है कि वे जैव ईंधन के लिए 100 मेगावाट तक के ऊर्जा संयंत्र लगा सकते हैं। इस तरह आंध्र प्रदेश का तिरुमला मंदिर का बड़ा नाम है।यह एक ऐसी तकनीक है जिसमें ईंधन के तौर पर बायोमास का इस्तेमाल किया जाता है और उससे पैदा हुई गैस को जलाकर बिजली बनाई जा सकती है। कचरे से बिजली उत्पादन की यह तकनीक प्रत्येक महानगर के कचरे को बिजली में बदलने हेतु

  • MAHADEVAN_2 - 8 years ago

    Honourable Prime Minister our government may allow production and manufacturing of products owned by foreign country companies such as coco cola,Pepsi,cocate,lux,Maggie, Johnson’s n Johnson,eclairs,5 star chocolate, KFC,Dominos,Nutrelite,etc., And allow them to export to other countries by paying tax to our government. However they may also sell to in land at marginal price

  • lalit malara - 8 years ago

    Badalte paryawaran privesh me jaruri h Ki hum village area Ki taraf dhyan de taki gain Ki jamin ko harabhara fir se kiya jaa sake iskeluye jaruri h Ki gaonkshetra me narega ke antargat hi ek yozna banaai jaaye jisame grasmino ko podhe lagaane k liye utsahit kiyaa jaaye jisame jaruri h Ki gaonewalo ko ped podhe lgaane k liye unhe rupye diye jaaye sath sath uski dekhbhal ka jjimma v kuchh samay tak usko hi diyaa jaay aur use har Sal uske sarakshan ka paisa v Diya jay jisase rozgar to milegaa hi

  • anilviji - 8 years ago

    Hi Vijay, i saw your initiative on the below comment. We are in top 20 of this challenge under E-Governance. I’m from Hassan, Karnataka as well. We would like to keep in touch with you to know more about the initiative. Please connect me via my E-mail : Thanks.

  • ROSHAN KUMAR MISHRA_1 - 8 years ago

    Dear Prime Minister,
    We all are talking digital India these days then why should we remove discrimination in home and non home branch customers in public sector bank. It also lead to number of dormant saving bank account because many individual who got transfer at regular basis such as employee of construction company not able to visit their home branch.
    I request you sir after establishing core banking system this discrimination should be removed.
    Roshan Kumar Mishra

  • MAHADEVAN_2 - 8 years ago

    Total eradication of cash shall ensure
    proper revenue to government
    No robbery
    No corruption
    No illegal transaction
    No hungry no hunger
    Right subsidies to right person
    Proper tax revenue
    Actual revenue through stamp papers
    Happy citizens
    Public become rich with right manner
    No black money
    No fake currency
    No cheating
    Less bank staff

    All will hold one smart card and one small calculator size currency reciever with own Thump Impression as password issued and controlled by governm

  • MAHADEVAN_2 - 8 years ago

    SIM is the Revolutionary change to build A Developed India on this Earth

    SIM stands for Skilled India Mission

  • MAHADEVAN_2 - 8 years ago

    I suggest not to have cash transaction and eradication totally by Reserve Bank
    Each individual have his own government bank account and will have his balance in that account. He can transact his money only by swiping his government issued smart card.Whomever arise to pay will be crediting through bankbto his account. Even government subsidies eligible may be credited to his account every month.All transaction will be accounted.No cash flow.No extra illegal transaction.No printing fake currency

  • Vijay Kumar - 8 years ago

    I am Entrepreneur & I am Providing Internet service to end-users @ Hassan (D) Karnataka (S) as Business partner with RailTel Corporation of INDIA plans are to establish the service to Rural Parts of Hassan & also to establish to other districts, I have Connected 380 end users, my each network equipment’s are supporting up to 45KM, in this I can Reach every corner of rural ares in my infrastructure,if any opportunity will i get i join hands in a PM’s Dream project of Digital India

  • rama krishna - 8 years ago

    Minimum safety measures have to take at public places like hotels cinema theatres shopping complexes

  • sachin kumar_71 - 8 years ago

    Govt. must employed one educated farmer (Govt. Farmer) in each village as a procurement officer of the village who will on behalf of the govt. would buy agriculture produces in bulk qty. at market rate or specified rate and store in the warehouse situated in the village with the help of farmers. Once the store is full, should be transported to the city and money tfd in their account. Each Govt. farmer should have login ID and password of “National Village Agriculture Product Procurement System