Namphake: Nature’s Lesser Known Secret

17 Jul 2018

Namphake, located in Dibrugarh district of Assam, is a picturesque hamlet exuding a very archaic charm. The calm waters of Buridihing river passes through the heart of the pristine village making Namphake a serene destination for the tourists. The orange hues of the evening Sun reflected on the river bed is a sight to behold. Traditional chang-ghars, with roofs made of dry toko leaves, adorns the entire village.

Tai-Phake people are generally bi-lingual speaking community and have their own separate scripts. There are around 150 Tai-Phake families in Namphake, who lives by the principles of Lord Buddha. The Namphake Buddhist Monastery situated here is one of the oldest monasteries of Assam and one of the nerve centres of all religious activities.

The Tai-Phake people of Namphake begins their day after providing the first morsel of their food to the monks living in the monastery. This is one of the traditions which has been continuing from a long period of time and forms an essential part of their daily routine.

In Namphake, the Tai-Phake people have preserved their customs, traditions, culture, heritage and cuisine with great care; welcoming tourists with warm smiles to experience the Tai-Phake way of life.

The perfect place to rejuvenate yourself amid heart-warming hospitality!

Things to do in Namphake:

  • Spend a lazy afternoon or a family picnic near the banks of the calm Buridihingriver
  • Visit the beautiful Buddhist Monastery established in the year 1850.
  • Some other attractions found within the monastery are Musulinda Tank, Ashoka Pillar and a Buddhist Pagoda.
  • While in Namphake, do not miss its marmalade sunsets and delicious Tai-Phake cuisine.

How to Reach

Nearest airport:Dibrugarh Airport

Nearest rail station:Naharkatiya

By road: Auto rickshaws and taxis available to Namphake village from nearby areas.

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