National Youth Award Winners for 2017-18 and 2018-19 Announced

25 Aug 2021

National Youth Awards are being given since 1985. They are given to up to 25 individuals (15-29 years) and up to 10 voluntary organizations to give recognition to the outstanding work done by them. The Objective of the award is to motivate young persons to achieve excellence in the field of national development or social service and to develop in them a sense of responsibility to the community and thus to improve their own personal potential as good citizens.

The award is given for identifiable excellent work for youth in different fields of development activities and social services such as health, research and innovation, culture, promotion of human rights, art and literature, tourism, traditional medicine, active citizenship, community service, sports, and academic excellence & smart learning.

Award to individuals comprises of a medal, a certificate and award money of Rs. 1,00,000/-. Award to voluntary youth organizations comprises of a medal, a certificate, and award money of Rs. 3,00,000/-.

Selection of Awardees is done by:

Screening Committee: Six-member Committee under the Chairmanship of Joint Secretary, Department of Youth Affairs, Government of India screens all the applications and propose the names of the awardees thrice the number of awards to be given.

Selection Committee: Eight-member Central Selection Committee headed by the Secretary, Department of Youth Affairs, Government of India scrutinizes all the recommendations of the Screening Committee and makes the final selection of the Youth Awards.

The no. of applicants and awardees for NYA 2017-18 and 2018-19 is as under:

S. No. Award No. of Individual awardees No. of Organisation awardees No. of Individual applicants No. of applicants under the Organisation category Total
1. NYA 2017-18 10 4 253 45 298
2. NYA 2018-19 7 1 640 84 724


Click Here to view the list of Winners.

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