Rajkot Smart City – Citizen Engagement for Round-III

06 Mar 2017

Dear Citizens,

As you are aware Rajkot is participating in Smart city challenge Round III and is a strong contender. As part of Smart city proposal for Round III Rajkot Municipal Corporation has conducted various citizen engagements for (i) Understanding issues and aspirations of the citizens (ii) To decide vision goals and strategic direction for the city, (iii) To finalize Pan City and ABD initiatives.

Details of citizen consultation

  1. Smart city meeting with elected representatives

2. Smart city meeting with Architect Association of Rajkot

3. Smart city meeting with government employees

4. Smart city lab competition

5. Smart city cheering station in Rajkot Marathon

6. Smart city meeting with doctors association

7. Smart city meeting with students

8. Vision and goal announcement during Rajkot Smart city Flower show

Rajkot Municipal Corporation would like to sincerely thank all the citizens for their active participation and support.

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