Ranchi District Administration fights shortage with locally-manufactured Sanitizer and Masks

10 Apr 2020

As the world battles one of the most threatening pandemics in the modern History, COVID-19 has given a reason to all heroes to step out of their comfort zones and do something memorable and noble for people of the Nation. As India completes its 21Day Nationwide lockdown, the common people in Ranchi are unitedly coming forward in big groups as ‘super heroes’.

From delivery of grocery and medicines, to distributing cooked food amongst the vulnerable on the streets without a home, volunteers in Ranchi have come together under ‘Help Ranchi’ to make a common man’s life easier during the pandemic COVID-19 crisis. When everybody safely rests in the comfort of their homes, these ‘real heroes’ are out all day in the field, helping everyone in need across the District.

District Administration fights shortage with locally-manufactured Sanitizer and Masks

When the pandemic COVID-19 crisis broke, and entire country went on a lockdown, the first basic necessity to run out of stock was hand sanitizers: an essential commodity which is required by everybody, from staying at home people to the frontline workers in the field, trying to keep the virus contamination at bay.

Ranchi District Administration’s initiative to manufacture and sell affordable hand sanitizers is a unique attempt to battle the hour of crisis, with the available resources at hand. From hospitals and military establishments to the common people, including other districts too, so far the District Administration has provided over 40,000 litres of hand sanitizers to all those in need of the same.

There has been strict adherence to the WHO guidelines for in-house production of alcohol based hand rubs, according to which the permissible level of different ingredients are, 80%(v/v) Ethanol or 75% (v/v) Isopropyl Alcohol with 1.45% (v/v) Glycerol and 0.125% (v/v) Hydrogen Peroxide; add colouring/ fragrance if required, along with distilled water.

Tested at the Chemical department of Birla Institute of Technology (BIT), Mesra, Ranchi for ensuring better standards than the prevailing WHO recommendations, and being sold at Rs 20 per litre, these hand sanitizers can be purchased from retail medical stores which work in partnership with the local District Administration. From Godda, Pakur to Dhanbad and Gumla, these locally manufactured hand sanitizers are being provided to all the frontline workers across the state of Jharkhand. Local manufacture of around 1 lakh masks has been undertaken by the District Administration, of which 20,000 masks were sold at Rs 10 per unit while 80,000 masks are also ready for distribution

Team of ‘super’ heroes during emergency 

The nationwide lockdown amidst COVID-19 scare has confined people to their homes and an endless demand for all essential commodities ranging from groceries, medicines to LPG cylinders are being met by a team of ‘tireless’ volunteers and also local District Administration of Ranchi. These super heroes are tirelessly working round the clock to help and cater to all the needs of residents and avoid any recurring problems.

From reaching out to the remotest corners such as Mandar, to prioritising cases where immediate and urgent help is needed, no issue is going amiss. The District Administration has tied up with Brands like Big Bazaar, Reliance Fresh, Veggie Go and others for regular supply of daily essentials and is also coordinating with extra volunteers to ensure timely delivery of placed orders by digital means of Whatsapp. The delivery of LPG Gas Cylinders is also being managed and coordinated with the delivery rate being 1.5 times than the prevailing market rate.

Care & counselling support to those in need

Being confined and restricted to a 21 day nationwide lockdown can affect one’s mental and psychological health on an ongoing basis. Since the local District Administration recognized this threat in the early stage, several mental health help-lines have started for those facing anxiety and panic. Professionals manning these help-lines attend to hundreds of calls on daily basis, providing counselling and even medical help in extreme cases. In an effort to fight against the pandemic Coronavirus, people of all age groups, young and old alike are strictly and in best interests advised to observe lockdown and stay indoors. For everything else, one can avail services and aid of Ranchi District Administration.

For the elderly and senior citizens living alone at home without any assistance, a separate helpline with five alternate numbers, working from 10 am to 7pm is also functional, to address all needs and requirements, such as medical emergencies, medical care and other related issues.

Ranchi District administration makes everybody’s stay within their homes easy and comfortable, by being just ‘a call away’ for everybody in the district.

Doctor ‘on call’ @ your service from home

The present times are of panic and just staying at home and indoors can make one feel mentally and physically sick. For those residents who are unable to go out of their homes for doctor OPD consultations, the Ranchi District Administration has launched a Doctor consultation helpline for 9 hours on daily basis, where one can discuss health issues, symptoms with available doctor ‘on call’ and also get a diagnosis done. This initiative in the long run will ensure that all kinds of health issues, ailments, whether related or not related to COVID-19 get addressed properly and people get access to free medical care from the comfort of their homes.

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