Rani Mistri Training

16 Sep 2019

India being the patriarchal society is resistant in permitting women of the country to take part in decision-making roles. It prevents them to be engaged in the works that men are supposed to perform. In deep down, women often in the country suffer from gender biasness. It is prevalent right from the home to work place and at policy level too.

The concept of Rani Mistri came in existence from Simdega district, where a huge number of female beneficiaries/SHG Members/female labours got training for toilet construction for making the ODF District. After the successful training, they constructed toilets in the district and declared ODF. After the successful innovation, Rani Mistri term is very much accepted by the society as well as other stakeholders. Motivation and enthusiasm of sanitation movement in Simdega among women proved to be the game changer.

In such manner, many of the Rani Mistri herself motivated to work as mason in construction sector particularly in Housing. Usually, men masons construct toilets.

Directorate of Municipal Administration has issued direction to al ULBs to facilitate and trained to interested Female masons “Rani Mistri”. Various ULBs of Jharkhand has started to train the Rani Mistri in convergence mode from NULM/Skill Mission/ Civil Society like Mahila Housing Trust.

Initially, few women came forward to take training to construct houses. Mahila Housing Trust has alone trained 1200 Rani Mistri to engage in Housing Construction sector.  Gradually the number increased. They started constructing toilets and earning money. Looking to them, other women groups came forward to take training to construct Houses and toilets in the urban area. Other women also came forward and joined them in house construction, learning and earning thus expanding the chain of women masons.

Rani Mistri is the unique movement where women participated breaking their barriers of social stigma attached to women, patriarchal norms and gender biasness. Economic progress has been witnessed among the life of Rani Mistri.

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