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Reviving Aquifers through Recharge Wells

29 Nov 2019


Eachangadu village in Mathur Panchayat Union is situated in Krishnagiri District of Tamil Nadu. In this village, the demand for water was greater than its availability. This made groundwater recharge a crucial aspect of overall water resource management through the revival of aquifers in this area. Water conservation and harvesting structures needed to be constructed to augment and improve the level of groundwater. Besides, the renovation of traditional water bodies also helped in drought mitigation. So, the construction of recharge wells and renovation of minor irrigation tank were undertaken under MGNREGS.


The idea of constructing a recharge well was initially resisted by the villagers as they were of the opinion that such an asset will not be useful for water conservation. However, with continuous persuasion, the Rural Development and Panchayati Raj officials could convince the villagers for the constructing of recharge wells. The construction of two recharge wells and deepening of a minor irrigation tank were completed in 2018–2019 at a total cost of Rs. 14.04 lakhs. Two recharge wells were constructed in the area of a minor irrigation tank spreading over an area of 5.53 hectares. The capacity of the recharge well is 106 m3.


“I worked in the MGNREGS project at Eachangadu minor irrigation tank, which is near my home with a hope to secure water in the lean season. Water shortage was our biggest problem. Now, we can cultivate our lands in the summer season”. —Smt. Venkatamma, Beneficiary


There are 18 open wells and 15 borewells near the minor irrigation tank where the groundwater table has increased by 2 ft. About 130 acres of farmland has benefitted from this project. The irrigation area has increased by 35 acres, resulting in an increase in agricultural production and farmers’ income by 10%. Overall, 535 villagers have benefitted from the project. The drinking water needs of both villagers and livestock are also being fulfilled.

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