Samvad – Citizen Participation for Smart City Jabalpur

08 Oct 2015

Citizen Participation for Smart City Jabalpur

Jabalpur Municipal Corporation organized a kick-off meeting and talk show “Samvad” as a part of citizen engagement program under smart city mission. The event was held on 3rd October 2015 at Hotel Kalchuri, Jabalpur between 4:00 and 6:00 pm. More than 250 stakeholders including MP, MLAs, all Municipal Corporators, all MIC members, 2 former Mayors, heads of various educational institutions, student representatives, senior citizen representatives, RWAs, Press, representatives of various associations of advocates, doctors, engineers, CAs etc were present in the program.

As a symbol of launching the event, tricolor balloons were released in the air with smart city tags at the hands of Hon. Minister of State for Health, Sh. Sharad Jain, Hon. Mayor Dr. Smt. Swati Sadanand Godbole, MLAs Sh. Ashok Rohani, Sh. Tarun Bhanot, Sh. Ashok Tiwari, Speaker of the Corporation Smt. Sumitra Balmik, Leader of opposition Sh. Rajesh Sonkar, All Municipal Corporators, All MIC members, and Municipal Commissioner Mr. Ved Prakash. This was followed by a presentation wherein citizens were informed about the Smart City Mission and Guidelines and how they can become a part of proposal making process. They were also informed about the various ongoing and planned citizen engagement activities through various online and offline forums. A brochure containing all the information about mission and citizen engagement process were also distributed.

This was followed by a talk where stakeholders shared their suggestions and ideas on how to make “Apna” Jabalpur a Smart City. Questionnaire seeking information on general suggestions, Area based development and Pan city initiatives were also filled by stakeholders.

Vote of thanks was given by Hon. Mayor Dr. Smt. Swati Sadanand Godbole.

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  • rajesh Bamnel - 8 years ago

    Develop a Park around Ranital lake

  • Smita Deshpande - 8 years ago

    This is really a nice innitiative to ineract with such a big popution and I really appreciate this campaign. This is the only I can say a face of #Digital India. I would like to make Indore a #Smart City because of its level of development I have seen as since my birth I am living their. The all requirements which should be their for a Smart City is their in Indore. And in Indore I want to see a proper waste disposal as their is aa very improper system of waste disposal. Thank you.

  • Rahul Rathore_5 - 8 years ago

    Gographical location of jabalpur in india is in its heart, so i think it must be a smart city even it connect all the derection of india east, west, north and south it will be a good tourism place as it is a heart of india…so jabalpur should be known by connecting city of india or heart of india…it can be play a good role of connecting other cities like as militry bases , communication base,import export rout of land base etc….i wish jabalpur will be a top 10 smart city of india…

    • Rahul Rathore_5 - 8 years ago

      500 characters are too short to tell about why jabalpur should be a smart city

  • RAMESH CHANDRA SAXENA - 8 years ago

    It is always welcome and pleasure to live in an advanced city but more priorities for advancement should be given to provide advance facilities in villages and poor farmers of the nation.

  • Suviga - 8 years ago

    My vote to Jabalpur becomes top 20 smart city.

  • Suviga - 8 years ago

    My vote is for making the Jabalpur becomes smart city which must have underground severage system, under ground electricity, Drain to drain road, single window system for the entrepreneur, single window system for setting up of industry etc.

  • himmat rathore - 8 years ago

    Very Good Smart Mission India.

  • himmat rathore - 8 years ago

    Vote Of Smart City Jabalpur Samvaad. Thanks You

  • Saket Jain_3 - 8 years ago

    City tab smart banegi jab sabse pehle sadak par se gadde gayab ho.. Baaki sab chije secondary hain… Aakhir janta ko achhi sadak par chalne ka adhikaar Hai ki nahi?

    Dusri baat.. Jo dukandaar apni dehleez se bahar footpath tak par vyapaar karne lagte hain uske khilaaf bahut hi sakht aur kadi anushasanaatmak karywahi ki jarurat Hai..

    Traffic air sadak sahi rahe to sheher wese hi adha smart dikhne lagega..

  • shivani mishra_4 - 8 years ago

    smart city means to give every citizen the right to live secure life and give all the facility at one click give fresh water 24 hour drainage syestem will perfect for all citizen transpotatin is inter connect from that city traffic is right for education we have to start higher level of universits IT HUB IS MOST NECCSARY FOR OUR CITY ONE INTER NATIONAL STADIUM WE ARE WANTING HARDLY