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Spiritual Tourism in Assam

26 Sep 2018

Assam is dotted with places of spiritual and religious interest that attract tourists from across the world. These spiritual centres reflect Assam’s culture, tradition, religious beliefs and grand architecture. Here is a list of top four spiritual tourist destinations in the state.

Kamakhya Mandir: Kamakhya Mandir is the most popular destination of spiritual tourism in Assam that attracts thousands of footfall every day. A hub of spiritualism and mysticism, Kamakhya is widely known as a seat of occult and tantra. During Ambubachi, mela held in the month of June, the temple bursts into its true essence and thronged by tens of thousands pilgrims coming from far and wide.

Hajo: This ancient town on the bank of Brahmaputra can be termed a confluence of three religions: Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. Hayagriva Madhava temple, a most favoured destination for Hindu pilgrims, is also revered by Buddhists who believe Buddha attained nirvana there. A visit to Poa Mecca, Muslims believe, can earn one fourth the blessings one can get in Mecca! Dhoparguri Satra is a tourist attraction for Vaishnavites in Hajo.

Majuli: This pristine riverine island is the nerve centre of neo-Vaishnavite philosophy of Assam. Majuli houses as many as 22 satras, most founded centuries ago, including Dakhinpat Satra, Kamalabari Satra, Auniati Satra, etc. Besides religious practice, these satras promote art and culture in a major way.

Barpeta: Barpeta is another elaborate spectacle of Vaishnavism in Assam. Often regarded as “Satranagari”, the town has several satras and institutions that reflect Vaishnavite philosophy or culture. Doul Mahotsav at Barpeta is a sight to behold as the entire town bathes in colour in a unique way.

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