Uplifting the Spirit of Service Through the Visions of Mahatma

04 Sep 2019

We live in the world where teachings have prominent importance in dealing with the practicality of almost every situation .With this blog, Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti (GSDS) initiates a cycle of upliftment of self leading towards the service of society through the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi meanwhile understanding the root cause of the living entities.

Remember the moment when we tune ourselves into the journey of self exploration while dealing with the course of the day to day life. It is the time when we need ourselves back to realign our own innate identity. We can say that this regular journey of knowing thyself actually begins when the usual jargons make their tick-tock stop in our mind. We use different methods to achieve this, sometimes by plugging into music, by reading a book or sometimes by talking to a close friend. During this whole journey, there lies a hope that everything surrounding you is an opportunity and in the end it will definitely make us happier which is our own innate nature. The realization behind this effective way is to usually tell the actual truth of our self –being.

Mahatma initiated this understanding through the ways of leading the search for ourselves while building the lacking self-esteem whenever he found himself in timidity. Some instances does tell this habit of him when we read his lifestyle and the imbibing capability he has in every outgoing. It lies in reading a book in jails to practice shramdaan or to cleanse the toilets of every being. His ways of telling the reality behind the Self-Sufficiency, Self-sustainability or Self –acknowledgement made him the man of knowing the truth which surpasses every doing and certainly making the sensibility out of every fight he made even without using a weapon. This power of self made his way through the underlying actions by which he was leading our forefathers in the freedom Movement.

Mahatma said that “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”. So let us make our way towards this journey of upliftment of self while helping others and to become the candle which lighten up others without losing its own spark but replicating its own identity.

In this 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the Samiti requests you to enliven the spark within you by dissolving the regular mask and to achieve the strength of self which is the only way to lead towards achieving the actual truth of life.

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