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30 May 2023

Natural Farming has been identified as a promising tool to minimize the dependence of farmers on purchased inputs and also to restore soil health. It emphasizes the shift of agriculture practices from mono-crops to diversified multi-cropping systems. Livestock dung and urine play an important role in the preparation of various inputs such as Beejamrit, Jivamirit, and Ghan-Jivamrit on the farm and are the source of nutrients to the soil. Other traditional practices such as mulching the soil with biomass or keeping the soil covered with green cover around the year in very low water availability situations are added practices that ensure sustained productivity from the first year of adoption.

MyGov is a citizen-centric platform that empowers people to connect with the government and contribute towards good governance. A Quiz on Natural Farming was live at MyGov Portal w.e.f.15th December, 2021 to 14th April, 2022. A total of 60,285 individuals participated in the Quiz.

The details of the winners of the quiz awarded the prize money are as follows:

S. No. User Id Name Prize
1. 57575754 Wincent Raphael ₹10,000/-
2. 21173244 Nisha ₹5,000/-
3. 56001384 Dr Neetu Singh ₹2,000/-

We once again thank all the participants for their valuable contribution and extend our best wishes and warm regards for your bright & prosperous future.

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