Winner Announcement – Suggest a Title for New Outreach Programme of Ministry of External Affairs Contest

18 Dec 2017

The External Publicity & Public Diplomacy (XPD) Division of Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) invited entries for naming its new public outreach initiative to connect with the students- the future of India. Since the nuances of foreign policy issues are often appreciated by a niche audience in big cities; people in general, especially the students in smaller towns and villages across India, do not have a complete understanding of the working of MEA and Indian Foreign Policy. This programme proposes to familiarise school and college students about the role and functions of MEA; to introduce them to the key elements of India’s Foreign Policy and our achievements in a simple manner.

The programme will involve visits of Ministry’s officers to schools and colleges in their hometown/state during leave, purely on a voluntary basis; interact with the students and share with them, their experiences of working with the Ministry of External Affairs as well.

This effort towards broad-basing Ministry’s outreach with the younger audience aims at increasing interest and awareness about MEA and our recent success stories on the foreign policy front. 

Pursuant to the entries invited through the Open contest on portal (from 22 November to 10 December 2017) for suggesting a title to this new public outreach initiative, we received an overwhelming response. After due evaluation by our Selection Committee the entry adjudged as the BEST was– ‘SAMIP – Students & Ministry Interactive Programme’ by Ms Merlin Thomas.


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