Winner of the Contest for designing a template for Sign Boards to be put on FCI Depots

26 Mar 2015


Food Corporation of India has been playing a vital role in ensuring Food Security in the country by procuring foodgrains from farmers at Minimum Support Prices and ensuring its storage and preservation as also movement of foodgrains across States to meet the requirements of National Food Security Act, Public Distribution System and Other Welfare Schemes. FCI alongwith State Agencies have a combined storage capacity of almost 73 million tonnes. FCI has 1841 depots which ensure proper storage and quality of foodgrains.

In order to provide information with regard to storage capacity of FCI depots, FCI had organized a contest on the MyGov platform to select design template for signboard which can be put up on FCI depots and offices. The contest was opened from 14th October 2014 to 30th October 2014 during which a total of 541 entries were received. None of these entries conformed to the technical criteria laid down for the contest and accordingly the contest was revived from 13th January 2015 to 20th January 2015 during which 343 entries were received.

Based on the criteria enunciated in the contest and number of likes received on the MyGov post, FCI is delighted to declare Mr. M. Fakeera from Telangana, Hyderabad as the winner of the contest of designing the template for signboards for FCI offices and godowns.

The selected design is as below:-

FCI Sign Board

Mr. M. Fakeera from Telangana, Hyderabad

FCI thanks all the participants and the MyGov team for enabling FCI to select the design template.

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  • Suhas Sawant - 7 years ago

    Congratulation Mr.Fakeera nice template. For selection committee- it was mentioned that the template should be easy to paint manually. I don’t think the bottom portion is easy to paint on roof or shutter.

    • M Fakeera - 7 years ago

      Mr. Suhas
      thank you. Painting on roof or shutter yes it’s very easy to do because this design template has all flat and solid, no mixing of multi colors.

    • Suhas Sawant - 7 years ago

      You artwork is good. You are artist like me. This is not personal. Flat colour is not problem, the problem is to show detailing and outlines in your artwork. For example: Man sitting in trailer, chains of weighing scale, crop. Without electronic printing no one could paint this (even using template or pharma). Only because we are using computer we could create this in great details. This is not easy to paint design. Paining human outline is very difficult.

  • Amit Srivastava - 7 years ago

    My heartiest Congratulation to Mr. M. Fakeera.Really nice creation.

    • Shashikant Bhosale - 7 years ago


    • M Fakeera - 7 years ago

      Thank you

  • Sudeep Biswas - 7 years ago

    I congratulate the winner of this contest for the amazing creative effort. This is indeed a very innovative drive by the Govt. to involve the common man to be a part of nation building.

  • KANHU CHARAN BARADA - 7 years ago

    well done..

  • rajkumar pandey - 7 years ago

    the design template should have contained some inspirational words in sanskrit, like in all national level organisations. if we are living in bharat (and not in england), why emblem containing english word approved? we cannot connect with masses by use of english. babus of M/O Food & PD in present BJP govt are following the path taken by congress. God save this country from babus of central ministries, who hate everything indigenous but love everything that is english/european/american.

  • Perumal N K - 7 years ago


  • Jawahar Bajpai - 7 years ago

    बधाइयाँ , इज केवल एक त्रुटि हो गयी की भारतीय कि जगह भारतीया हो गया

  • JANI BASHA SHAIK - 7 years ago

    We are proud and happy with fakeera designed won template .

  • JANI BASHA SHAIK - 7 years ago


  • ashok kumar - 7 years ago

    starry animal are very big threat for the crops of small farmers. small farmers dont have enough enough money for fence wiring etc. so small farmers committing suicide day by day.