Winner Announcement for Doodle Design Competition for Shoonya-Zero Pollution Mobility Campaign

03 Jan 2023

On World EV Day , Shoonya–Zero Pollution Mobility Campaign conducted a doodle design competition in collaboration with MyGov.

The competition received an overwhelming response from citizens across the country, receiving over 650 entries. The entries were judged by the committee of experts based on elements of creativity, originality, composition, technical excellence, simplicity, artistic merit, and visual impact and how well they communicated the elements. The winning doodles are the intellectual property of the Shoonya campaign, and the winners shall not exercise any right over them. (refer to the Terms and Conditions of the Doodle competition).

The selected winners of the competition creatively reflected a unique integration of the Shoonya elements in their doodle designs. Their iconography successfully conveyed a theme of zero-pollution mobility with electric vehicles and their associated benefits, such as clean air, better public health, and reduced negative environmental impacts.

After due deliberation, the below-mentioned entries were selected as prize winners.

Comment Id  Position Name 





Jimit Hemant Shah


1277236412 2nd Vidhi Awasthi


127484181 3rd Khushi Khandal

NITI Aayog, MyGov, and Shoonya would like to thank all the participants for their enthusiasm and encourage them to continue taking part in such future activities. We would also like to thank Mahindra Electric for sponsoring the prize awards.

[The winners will also be notified through the email address provided. The prize money will be transferred to the winner only through an electronic transfer as per the bank details (including Permanent Account Number) submitted by the winner via email. The prize money will be payable after the deduction of Tax at source (TDS).}

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