Winner Announcement for Quiz on Shoonya-Zero Mobility Pollution Campaign (August Month)

03 Jan 2023

On 18th July 2022, Shoonya–Zero Pollution Mobility campaign in collaboration with NITI Aayog and MyGov launched a quiz competition series to educate people on the benefits of electric vehicles and to increase awareness around NITI Aayog’s Shoonya – Zero Pollution Mobility Campaign. The three-series quiz competition lasted over three months and witnessed massive participation from 28 states and seven union territories.

The August series received an overwhelming response with 31,832 entries. The maximum participation was witnessed from the 18-24 age group with more than 28% female participants. In terms of state participation, over 4,500 entries came from Uttar Pradesh, followed by Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu respectively.

The winners were selected with criteria based on maximum correct answers in the shortest time. A total of 10 winners with the highest scores – three highest-scoring and seven next highest-scoring participants in each series – were selected.  The first, second, and third place winners will receive a cash prize of Rs.5,000, Rs.3,000, and Rs.2,000, respectively. The next seven highest-scoring participants shall receive Rs. 1,000 each.

Winners of the Shoonya – Zero Pollution Mobility Campaign in India are as below:

User Id Position Name Prize
42861244 1st Hemant Sharma Rs. 5000/-
61450964 2nd Aarti Savner Rs. 3000/-
53764064 3rd Ajay Sharma Rs. 2000/-
64308944 Consolation Sawan Patidar Rs.1000/-
61439934 Consolation Phagun Sharma Rs.1000/-
66341164 Consolation Ponnuthai Rs.1000/-
67152274 Consolation Praveen kumar Rs.1000/-
60758944 Consolation Brajesh Rs.1000/-
57443844 Consolation Shikha Rs.1000/-
53826804 Consolation Sanjay Sharma Rs.1000/-

NITI Aayog, MyGov, and Shoonya would like to thank all the participants for their enthusiasm and encourage them to continue taking part in such future activities. We would also like to thank Mahindra Electric for sponsoring the prize awards.

{The winners will also be notified through the email address provided. The prize money will be transferred to the winner only through an electronic transfer as per the bank details (including Permanent Account Number) submitted by the winner via email. The prize money will be payable after the deduction of Tax at source (TDS).}

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