Winner Announcement for Quiz on World Rabies Day

16 Jun 2023

World Rabies Day is observed every year on 28th September to raise awareness about Rabies and aimed to unite all people, organizations, and stakeholders in the fight against rabies. The day elevates the profile of National and local Rabies control programs and acts as a springboard for year-round planning, capacity building, and awareness.

The theme for the year 2022 World Rabies Day was “Rabies: One Health Zero Deaths”. The theme voices that dog-mediated rabies should be eliminated by taking the One Health approach so that by 2030 it could be eliminated.

To celebrate World Rabies Day a quiz was hosted for the citizens on MyGov platform from 28th September 2022 to 20th October 2022. 10,631 participants from various age groups and states had a positive response to the Awareness quiz.

We are pleased to announce the top 10 winners who are entitled to a winner certificate.

User ID          Name

53670114      Rameshwar Dike

34352694      Mukesh Kumar Tiwari

73769924      Hansa Singh

502894           Shambhavi Tiwari

1998744        Narayanan Rajaram

23903904      Hemant Kumar Bahrod

60930874      Palash K Sanyal

19681214      Madhavi lalwani

63890934      Vijay Kumar

62424004      Santosh Kumar Yadav

National Rabies Control Program, National Centre for Disease Control, and MyGov would like to thank all the participants for their enthusiasm and encourage them to continue taking part in such future activities.

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