Winner Announcement for Vaccination Photo and Tagline Contest for the month of March 2021

06 May 2021

The ‘Share Vaccination Photos of anyone in your family including yourself along with a Tagline & Get Rewarded’ is an initiative hosted by MyGov from March 2021. With the start of the vaccination program, millions of eligible citizens come forward and registered themselves to be a part of the World’s largest vaccination drive. The contest is recording significant participation. We would like to thank all our patrons who have followed COVID appropriate protocols while getting themselves vaccinated displaying utmost responsibility towards the society.

The main objective of this Campaign was:

– To create awareness about the importance of vaccine amongst the citizens of the country.

– To inspire other citizens to have faith in the process and come forward to get vaccinated.

– To achieve herd immunity against virus spreading through mass vaccinations.

MyGov always tries to make people aware that India’s coronavirus fight is people-driven. We always need to make an effort to protect ourselves and this collective behaviour will help us fight against this virus and save lives. We are grateful for the commendable efforts towards protecting oneself by getting vaccinated.

10 best entries for the month of March are:


S. No. Comment ID Name Media Links
1 117756321 Raghvendra Bhushan Singh Parihar
2 117755281 Vinay Sharma
3 117754921 M V Abhay
4 117745411 Pavani Bhanu Chandra Murthy
5 117742581 JyotiMurali
6 117726101 Kamal Kumar Sharma
7 117718151 Akanksha Gupta
8 117716861 Shambhu kumar
9 117713531 Vora Suresh Kumar
10 117704801 Srikant Jha

We once again would like to thank all the participants for their valuable contributions and being the torch-bearers for the society.

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