Winner Announcement of World Oral Health Day 2022 contests

24 Jun 2022

Winner Announcement of World Oral Health Day 2022 contests

On the occasion of World Oral Health Day 2022, a meme making contest, slogan writing competition, short film contest and poster competition was held from 15st March 2022 to 20th April 2022 on the MyGov Platform. The competition was very successful as a total of 1480 entries were received. The theme for the competition was “Be proud of your mouth”.

This competition was organised by the Centre for Dental Education and Research (CDER), AIIMS–New Delhi which serves as the nodal agency and has been designated as the National Centre of Excellence for the implementation of the National Oral Health Programme by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.

This programme was launched to prevent, control and manage effectively, the burden of oral diseases in India. This comprehensive programme aims to make oral health services accessible, affordable and sustainable with onus on oral health promotion and disease prevention for good general health and wellbeing.

Committed towards quality oral health care for the whole country this competition was an initiative for oral health promotion among all Indian Citizens through the platform of My A total of 222 entries for meme making contest, 926 entries for slogan writing competition, 103 entries for short film contest and 229 entries for poster competition were received.

The esteemed jury for evaluating various entries were both internal and external. The internal jury from CDER, AIIMS, New Delhi evaluated meme, slogan, short film and poster making contest. Whereas, the external jury invited were those from Kendriya Vidyalaya Sanghtan (KVS) School Teachers. There were eight KVS school teachers who were invited for judging the various entries. These 08 teachers were then divided in two groups. The 1st group of teachers judged slogan and short film were Mr Fateh Chand (KVS, Assam), Mrs Renu Rathi (KVS, Orissa), Mrs Shipra Negi (KVS, Delhi), Dr Rajiv Kumar Jha (KVS, Assam).  The 2nd group of teachers judged posters and meme were Mr Tarun Pathak (KVS, Uttarakhand), Mr Niranjan Pani (KVS, West Bengal), Mrs Lata Thakral (KVS, Delhi), Mr Akshay Verma (KVS, Delhi).

The entries were evaluated by the esteemed panel of jury and the results were declared. Cash prizes were awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners. Following are the winners and their entries.


1. First Prize to Bhaskar
Comment Id- 126470331

2. Second Prize to Ananya Verma
Comment Id- 126427031

3. Third Prize to Charu Goswami
Comment Id- 126474901


1. First Prize to Radhika Vijay Bodhke
Comment Id: 126478141

2. Second Prize to Vikas Kumar Singh
Comment Id: 126406091

3. Third Prize to Karan Singh Tomar
Comment Id: 126476041


1. First Prize to Aisha Panda
Comment Id: 126469921

2. Second Prize to Ishita Marathe
Comment Id: 126476001

3. Third Prize to Sanchi Bansal
Comment Id: 126426521


1. First Prize to Sanjeev Kumar Sharma
Comment Id: 126455131
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2. Second Prize to Ravi Kumar Selvaraj
Comment Id: 126481751
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3. Third Prize to Dr Jaya Kumar
Comment Id: 126401061
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