Winners of Contests for New Education Policy Announced

27 Jan 2015


A competition was held through the MyGov Platform for suggesting the Logo, Slogan and Tagline for the New Education Policy of the Government of India. More than 3000 entries were received. The following has since been finalised:


नई शिक्षा नीति करे साकार,
ज्ञान, योग्यता और रोजगार।




Winners of Contests for New Education Policy Announced

The Logo, slogan and Tagline were based on entries received.

The final result of the competition is as follows:

Shri Nawaj Shaikh, Pune, Maharashtra based on whose entry, the Logo was finalised would be awarded Rs. 10,000.

Shri Vinod Kumar Maheshwari, Rewari, Haryana based on whose entry, the Slogan was finalised would be awarded Rs. 10,000.

Ms. Vipitha Devi, Paravur, Kerala based on whose entry, the Tagline was finalised would be awarded Rs. 10,000. The entry of Ms. Vipitha Devi is for Slogan but the Committee & the Hon’ble HRM felt it was more appropriate for the Tagline.


Hon. Minister Smt. Smriti Irani felicitating Shri Nawaj Shaikh
Hon. Minister Smt. Smriti Irani felicitating Shri Nawaj Shaikh
Hon. Minister Smt. Smriti Irani felicitating Shri Nawaj Shaikh
Hon. Minister Smt. Smriti Irani felicitating Shri Nawaj Shaikh

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  • Deepak Agrawal_7 - 8 years ago

    Congratulations to the winners. I wish to suggest few changes in migrating from school education to higher education through my blog

  • AJAY_36 - 8 years ago

    In our schools self defense training should be made compulsory and should be the part of the course like judo,karte,kugfoo etc to make them self dependent.So, that girl/Boy child get the training since 4th standards and at 10th or 12 standard they will be capable to protect themselves. It will also lead the India towards a strong youth. If Physically everybody will be fine and fit ,they can go to Army and after a time our population will be our power and strong,healthy Youth India

  • AJAY_36 - 8 years ago


    In our education policy even at school level atleast one or two subjects should be practical like on mechanical, electrical or at some other discipline or branch which starts from 6th standard . At time of completion of 12th standard Student should have some Skill of doing something.Besides this we can integrate our " Industrial Training Institutes in our education system for making students skilled. Becoz separately nobody going to "ITI" for some skills becoz of thr GRADUATION

  • Sonia Chopra - 8 years ago

    Compulsory Class X examinations should be reintroduced as
    Portfolio for job interviews and admissions in higher education starts from Class X mark sheet
    Difficulty level of question paper is not same in every school . So children with same IQ level are evaluated differently . This affects their result a lot.
    As CCE system involves some internal evaluations also , children in the good books of teachers are getting better grades and so are in advantage

  • Jaina_1 - 8 years ago

    Our tough education system has a vicious cycle, rich parents can afford good schools and tuitions, which leads to their kids having better knowledge and marks, and this leads to scoring good marks usually by rich students,therefore getting better placements and good packages, hence the rich goes on becoming richer and poor poorer(here rich students mean the top 10 -15 % of our country).Education needs to be made such that it balances both.And sc-st don’t get as good placement as these students

  • RUSHIKESH KOKARE - 8 years ago

    Please introduce one hour practical session into all universities, colleges , schools, for 1 day in every week of every month. total 700 universities in India, if every student in india take ZADU for 1 hr in his hand. in 2015 " ALL MY INDIA IS CLEAN & GREEN " we all student with you . please take action upon this suggestion. we are waiting for your reply
    and also this action create habit of cleaning in our students and definitely we will see change in our civilians also.

  • rajendra prasad - 8 years ago

    we have three challenges in education: Pre. Primary , skill based & Higher Education. To secure the future as Honest India the kids to introduce with meaningful natural learning, depending on the aptitude test the skill of choice to be taught for making ample skilled manpower and Higher education( Research) should be based on the real problems of the society.The compulsion of civic sense and duty teaching at all levels. I have plan for the whole country within the budget availability. Pls ask?

  • beena dave - 8 years ago

    for best education policy take full guide lines from PP Pramukhswami Maharaj from B.A.P.S

  • Shiv Hari Goswami - 8 years ago


  • Shevon Abraham Samuel - 8 years ago

    The Indian education system should include more co-curricular activities for students to study better& widen their knowledge