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Yoga: Art to Attain Bliss

23 Jun 2018

A state of physical, mental and spiritual balance is the ultimate quest of human life. What can bring the quest to an end is the ancient healing practice of yoga. Through its healing meditative practices, breathing & physical exercises, yoga drives us towards a state of liberation. Hence, yoga is seen as an ideal practice that holds the capacity to quench the penultimate human pursuit.


Yoga is considered to have originated in the pre-Vedic times in India. However, like every good practice must spread its reach manifold, yoga and its effectiveness also got widespread and is now being embraced across the globe. What originated ages ago in India has now become a gift to the world. The decision of commemorating International Day of Yoga on 21st June by the international community and listing it as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO were major step forwards in making yoga an asset for the world.


Why Yoga?

A perfect harmony between mind & body, man & nature is considered to be the ideal state of an individual’s existence. However, in present times, as harsh lifestyles and stressful conditions cast their spell on nearly every individual, we succumb to anxiety, ailments and a lack of self-consciousness; we move further from the balancing harmony. Hence, yoga becomes the only resort to achieve oneness of existence and helps in combating all sorts of sufferings.


An all round enlightenment practice

What needs to be understood is the fact that yoga is not just a form of physical exercise aimed at improving just physical health. It is an amalgamation of various physical, mental & spiritual practices that aims at unification of mind, body & soul. Its reach is widespread. Not just physical fitness, it aims at perfecting mental health and attaining spiritualism as well. Imparting basic human values and promoting happiness & self-satisfaction are at the core of yoga sadhana.


Reaping benefits of its magical healing powers, people from all age groups are now embracing yoga to raise a consciousness of the self and promote and maintain good health. In times when survival seems to be just a stressful journey, yoga adds colour and a deeper meaning to life by raising a consciousness of the self. Blossoming more vibrantly each day, yoga is the panacea for a meaningful life & happy living.


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