Arunachal Rising: Gram Preraks & Communicators

28 May 2019

A massive community outreach campaign introduced by the Government of Arunachal Pradesh, ‘Arunachal Rising’ was launched with the objective of effectively disseminating information about the various government schemes, welfare measures, policies and programmes to the people of Arunachal Pradesh.  With special focus on accessing remote areas, Arunachal Rising seeks to cover every district within its ambit, and improve the communication channel between the government and the public.

Arunachal Rising Campaign, Tawang District


Gram Preraks and Communicators: The Backbone of Arunachal Rising

‘Gram Preraks’ (Publicity Agents) and ‘Communicators’ are the very backbone of this citizen centric programme. They are the ones who’re making it possible for the campaign to reach each and every part of Arunachal Pradesh through their dedicated and impactful efforts.

Lhou Village, Tawang District

A part of the Jan Sampark Yatra category, the Gram Preraks (Publicity Agents) have been identified for each CD Block and entrusted with the role of disseminating information about the schemes and flagship programmes to the residents, village authorities, communities etc. of the various villages. Carrying the message of hope to even the remotest areas, GPs are making it possible for proper awareness & accessibility of the various schemes & programmes by every section of society. Regular meetings are being conducted to enable the public to not just know more but to also find a reliable source for clarification of any query or doubts.

Gram Prerak, Namsai communicating with people of Bhogamor, Jona IV, Jona Kochari & Jona Kuli Villages.


Gram Prerak interacting with people of West Kameng District

Communicators are part of the CM Youth Outreach Programme which targets school children. Teachers from various schools have been entrusted with the responsibility of a ‘communicator’ for disseminating information about government flagship programmes to the school students across various districts. The youth are then carrying forward the message to their families, communities and villages. They are also actively participating in various activities and competitions to share their ideas and visions. Wall painting, essay writing, street plays etc are some of the ways through which these young minds are giving expression to their thoughts and visions.

Communicator and Students, West Kameng District

Children and youth are the makers of the future. In providing them with meaningful guidance, support & motivation, we strengthen their inspiration & reinforce the making of a progressive nation.

Wall Painting by Students as part of Arunachal Rising Campaign


Students Enjoy a Light Moment during Regular Classes

Arunachal Rising is inspiring a momentous chapter of citizen oriented development work in Arunachal Pradesh. Operating in 3 phases, Jan Sampark Yatra, CM Youth Outreach Programme and Outreach Programme with Urban Population and Society, the campaign heralded a transformative beginning for the people of the state, erasing the lack and unavailability of facilities and opportunities that had been there for a long time. While the objective remained the primary feature of Arunachal Rising, the way the entire programme was planned and executed became a highly laudable feature of this campaign. As this mass outreach campaign began taking shape from its preliminary phase, we began to witness an extensive convergence of efficient planning, use of various media tools: print media, social media, radio jingles, videos, mass sensitization programmes etc. and an impressive support by dedicated officers and grass root level workers to take Arunachal Rising to the zenith of success.

Talk Show Recording in AIR, Pasighat

And on that note, the support and contribution of the various officers, especially the gram preraks and communicators will always be cherished as a groundbreaking moment in the history of Arunachal Pradesh.


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