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08 Sep 2020

Artificial Intelligence is the future and with constant research and innovations being conducted in the field there is a need for brilliant and curious young minds who can bring about further change. The ATL AI modules curated by the best of industry experts, are expected to inculcate interest in the field so that India can provide the world a new generation of researchers and innovators who can help India achieve its aim of becoming a global leader in the world of innovation. There is a need to build the right foundations which can be leveraged to take the country on a high-growth path. With the Atal Innovation Mission, innovation and entrepreneurship has become an integral part of national mission, and young students are being introduced to the world of technology innovation, with Atal Tinkering Labs in schools.

This year, technology has proved to be pivotal in educating and empowering us to become a self-reliant country. The need for innovation and creativity has truly paved the path to make India #AatmaNirbhar.

Working alongside NASSCOM, Atal Innovation Mission has a collective vision to revolutionize the methods of learning and understanding of one of the most heavily researched and growing discipline of science, Artificial Intelligence.

After a successful launch of a unique initiative to take Artificial Intelligence (AI) to schools through ‘ATL AI Modules’, Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog in collaboration with NASSCOM launched the ‘ATL AI Step Up Module’ for students on the eve of India’s Independence Day in order to drive AI education and innovation to the next level in schools across the country .

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This module is the next step in bringing AI to Indian classrooms and is a successor to the AI Base module launched in February this year. The AI Step-up Module provides a comprehensive set of learn it yourself Advanced modules to those who wish to expand their knowledge base after becoming familiar with the basics of the AI discipline through the AI base module

With this new launch, through hands-on projects and activities, the step-up module encourages a deeper understanding of AI which can be applied in the real world. The module is designed in an attractive graphical manner that is comprehensible for all students belonging to rural and urban areas.

The AI Step-Up module would be available for all students across the country and could be accessed at It has been created keeping the age group of its intended audience in mind, so that they can be easily understood by any individual who has just been exposed to the idea of AI.

Speaking on the importance of introducing AI to school students, CEO NITI Aayog Amitabh Kant said the AI module was critical in the sense that it targets the youth of this country which in itself is path breaking.

“Introducing AI to students is a big achievement for all of us. Our job is to make artificial intelligence a great fun way of learning, so that children not only learn but enjoy it as well to take India forward in the field of great innovations,” he added

Meanwhile, the step-up module needs no previous knowledge and introduces the concepts to students from the basics using interactive tools and activities so as to keep their attention undivided.

Speaking on the virtual launch, Mission Director Atal Innovation Mission Mr R Ramanan said that this first ever Industry government academia initiative has received a huge response from students by the introduction of base module and now AIM, NITI Aayog and NASSCOM is proud to launch its step-up module.  Inputs from leading academic institutions including IITs have contributed in the development of these modules.

“The Base module was specifically devised considering students as young as 12 years of age, with absolutely no prior background of AI to ignite curiosity on AI in their young minds and to contribute to the ecosystem of innovation.  Step up module has been exquisitely designed and presented to involve young students across the country to induce inclusive learning and to empower youngsters of our country to create AI integrated innovations,” he added.

Moreover, the objective of this module is to challenge students and create opportunities in the coming years making students the Change makers and torch bearers of innovation.

Sharing her views NASSCOM President Debjani Ghosh said “With this module, we expect to inculcate interest in the field of AI so that India can provide the world a new generation of researchers and innovators who can help India achieve its aim of becoming a global leader in the world of innovation. We are indeed proud to have launched the second step towards bringing AI to Indian classrooms along with Atal Innovation Mission”

The module is a directed step by the government of India in building citizens and a workforce that is aware of AI and can work with AI. The virtual launch of it was attended by officials of AIM, NITI Aayog, NASSCOM, Industry Partners and Academia.

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