Bazar Mobile App: Customer – Shopkeeper Contact Setu, Jharkhand

27 Apr 2020

Objective of Bazar Mobile App:

To inform customers about the availability of nearby stores on the basis of geolocation during the lock-down period. These will be shops which do the business of ration, fruits, vegetables, milk and medicines in the area around you.

  • You can download this app by going to Google Playstore of your Android mobile or you can also get it by scanning the following QR CODE through your mobile.

You can also install the mobile app through the following URL.

  • User:

There are two users under this app:-

  • BUYER ,
  • Method of use by customer: (Buyer)
  • Registration Method by BUYER:-
  • First, install the app and go to sign up and then choose the signup type.

  • Signup Type: Select BUYER

To register in Buyer Module, the following information will be required: –

  1. Buyer Name
  2. Buyer’s father’s name
  3. Buyer’s Mobile Number
  4. Buyer Identity Card and Identity Card Number
  5. Age of the Buyer (age can be from 15 years to 54 years)
  6. Buyer’s current district and ward
  7. Buyer Address (address selected based on geolocation)
  • Submit Button has to be clicked after giving all its details.
  • Based on the correct information, your registration will be done and the password will be received through SMS on the registered mobile number.
  • At the time of login, select Buyer Login Type.

  • After login, this app will automatically provide a summary of all registered stores near you.

  • Now you select the shop according to your requirements.
  • The options of Get Direction, Call Merchant and Get M-Pass will come in the shop details.
  • You can contact the shopkeeper directly using the Call Merchant.
  • You can also get information about home delivery from the shopkeeper.
  • If the shopkeeper has the means of delivery, you can get home delivery. Otherwise you can go and get the goods yourself but for this you will have to get M-PASS for yourself.
  • Method for obtaining M-PASS by the BUYER.
  • If a customer wants to get M-PASS then he has to click on Get M-PASS button. Also, you have to choose the time slot according to your convenience and availability of M-Pass. After this, your M-PASS will be available on your mobile. M-PASS will be available only during the selected time slot. Customers can select any available time slot during the day.

Example :-

If a person needs a pass in the slot from 6 pm to 8 pm, then that person can get a pass for that evening slot at 8 am, M-PASS will be activated automatically from 6 pm to 8 pm, And this pass will be active only for marked day and marked slot only and after that you will not be able to use it.

  • The following colors have been used on M-PASS.
  • Green: – Initially green (safe position)
  • Orange: – Orange after one hour (will alert to return home without delay)
  • Red: – After two hours the red color will be reflected. This means that the M-PASS has expired. In such a situation, punitive action will be taken on staying out.
  • Other provisions:-
  • For the Municipal Corporation, there is a provision of (50) M-PASS per ward, daily, per time slot.
  • For the City Council, there is a provision of (30) M-PASS per ward, daily, per time slot.
  • For Nagar Panchayat, there is a provision of (15) M-PASS per ward, daily, per time slot.
  • Issued M-PASS will be valid for marked destination and duration only. Punitive action will be taken on misuse of M-PASS.
  • This app will not work in Hotspot Zone / Containment Zone.
  • A customer can use only one time slot in a day. A second time slot will not be available after the use of one time slot.
  • For the shopkeeper, only one M-PASS of two hours will be issued per day.
  • M-PAAS estimated only once for a maximum of 2 hours per day, depending on availability.
  • Method of use by Merchant
  • Method of registration by MERCHANT :-
  • First install the app and go to SIGNUP and then choose Signup Type.

  • Signup Type : Select Merchant

To register in Merchant Module, the following information will be required:-

1 Shop name

2 Shop license number

3 Shopkeeper’s Mobile Number

4 The following categories are to be selected by the shopkeeper.

  1. Grocery
  2. Medicine
  3. Fruits
  4. Vegetables
  5. Milk

(Shopkeepers can also select one or more categories)

  1. Current district and ward of the shop
  2. Time of opening and closing of the shop
  3. Shop Address (Address to be marked based on geo location)
  • After giving complete details, click on Submit Button
  • Based on the correct information, your registration will be done and password will be received through SMS on the registered mobile number
  • Select Merchant Login Type while login

  • After selecting the login type, login with mobile number and password received through SMS.
  • After Merchant login following tasks can be done :
  • Issue of M-PASS for delivery staff if home delivery facility can be provided by the shopkeeper.
  • Updating of erroneous data given during registration.

To issue M-PASS for the delivery staff, click on Add Delivery Boy Button. After this, the following details of the delivery staff are to be provided.

Delivery Staff Name, Father’s Name, Age, Type of Identity Card and Identity Card Number.

  • Delivery Staff Mobile Number
  • Delivery staff address, current ward and current district

  • Terms and Conditions:-
  • Only two delivery staff can be entered.
  • Validity of M-PASS is from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM.
  • Separate M-PASS will be issued daily.
  • M-PASS will automatically become invalid after a stipulated time period.
  • Punitive action will be taken for misuse of pass.
  • This app will not work in hotspot zone / containment zone.

Guidelines for District Administration

  • Nodal officer will be appointed by the district administration.
  • A web portal will be made available to the nodal officer.
  • Deactivation of every hot spot / isolated area will be ensured by the nodal officer using web portal.
  • The availability of shops will be 2
  • It will be promoted by the district administration so that maximum number of buyer / merchant can be registered.
  • The hotspot / containment, announced by the district administration will have to be updated wards wise on the web portal so that this app is not applicable in that ward.


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