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07 Sep 2016


Brun Health Private Limited is a connected health company focusing on healthy pregnancies. Pregnancy is a state of health and our mission is to ensure that the mother and child are adequately monitored from the first kick to the final push. Brun Health focuses on novel user centric technologies for healthcare institutions, physicians as well as pregnant families to ensure adoption of best practices for fetal and maternal care.

The founders of the company came together as part of a Department of Biotechnology program called Stanford India Biodesign in 2013. This prestigious appointment took us from some of the best healthcare systems in Southern California to grassroots level sub-centers in rural India. Our detailed studies of health systems helped us identify some of the key reasons for India having the highest still birth rates and infant and maternal mortality rates in the world. At the All India Institute of Medical Sciences and its model primary and community health centers we quantified and studied the problems faced bythe nearly 27 million deliveries in India each year.

“Brün” our revolutionary labour monitoring tool was designed to monitor critical vital parameters of the mother and child during labourusing sensors and systems that simplify the placement of the device, reduce the need for skilled manpower and provides access to best practices in pregnancy management at low costs. Brün helps to track fetal and maternal wellness by enabling remote monitoring and logging of fetal health. This cost-effective device provides doctors with data that is easy to interpret, allowing them to make well informed decisions.


Brun Health has now been awarded the Robert Howard Next Step Award from Lunar Design (A McKinsey Company) California, the Biotechnology Ignition Grant from BIRAC, Department of Biotechnology, India, the US India Science and Technology Endowment Fund Award and the IndiAfrica Business Venture prize by Ministry of External Affairs, India among many others. Brun Health has also been successful in raising a seed round of investment from Angel Investors across India and Singapore. Our team comprises some of the best electronics and mechanical engineers, designers, programmers and physicians from top institutions globally. Our mentors and advisors include Professors of Ob/Gyn at AIIMS, IVF experts and industry veterans.

Our stellar team continues to focus on innovations and solving critical needs in resource constrained healthcare settings. We have recently designed a fetal monitoring tool called “Meena” for grassroots health workers that will perform a clinically relevant Non-Stress Test on pregnant women in their homes and villages. Such a tool has the potential to dramatically improve the efficacy of every home visit by rural and urban health workers and to help identify high-risk pregnancies very quickly.

Eventually all our devices will become part of a platform that will bring in data from multiple devices and integrate with hospitals, doctors and pregnant families to provide a delightful experience for all. We are about to change how pregnancies are managed, perceived and adored and we welcome you to join us in making them safer, easier and seamlessly connected.

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The Founding Team: L-R, Balaji Teegala, Dr. Prashant Jha and Anirudh Chaturvedi


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