Digital India Mission gets a boost with citizens designing logos Voting for entries open till 7th September 2014

02 Sep 2014


The programme to transform India into a knowledge economy and digitally empowered society now moves a step ahead with thousands of citizens participating in the contest to design a logo for Digital India. The contest received an overwhelming response with more than 7000 entries striving to portray the vision of Digital India which is centred on three key areas, namely providing digital infrastructure as a utility to every citizen, providing governance & services on demand and digital empowerment of citizens.

The results of the contest will be announced shortly. Although the deadline for new submissions is closed, citizens are invited to vote for various designs till 7th September midnight. The number of likes received for each entry will also be taken into consideration by the jury. The innovative submissions can be viewed here (Logged-in users can view).

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  • Gul Nebhnani - 8 years ago

    Everyone would agree that Digital India is an excellent concept. However, do we have the infrastructure required? All documentation can be digitised. We should first aim to implement this in big cities and then spread to rural areas. Quality is a major issue. Today, is anyone satisfied with his service provider? The voice quality over mobile phones is pathetic.

  • NAMITA SINGH_1 - 8 years ago

    Digital India is a good initiative of the Govt. but how will be successful? I live just 7km away from Bongaigaon Distt hqr. in assam. I contacted BSNL for land lne and broadband connection but the BSNL office bongaigaon is unable to provide the same here. How will internet reach the last village of the country?

  • RAGURAM - 8 years ago

    India is called as holy country because each of the sandcontain each culture There is one holymotto for our country in 1949 To get independent now the same holy motto of country is To beacome digitalindia every eachthings in world become digital items ex:digital watch,computer. but first it starts from analog. Ex:Analog watch,computer.likewise world also started from analog and now it is changing to digitalworld butstill ourcountry is anolog so technology iskey to change our country to digital

  • Suraj Singh - 8 years ago

    Internet provid karne wali compniya ye bol to deti hai custmer ko ki 5gb uske bad unlimted par us unlimted ki speed kya honi chahiye is.ko gov ke.throw minimum fix karna chahiye

  • Suraj Singh - 8 years ago

    Hmare desh ke internet provide karne wali kampniya custmer se paisa to apni leti hai par service custmer ko waisa nai deti hai mai chat hu hmari gov is par kucjh nya niyam laye jis se ki sath.gav ke logo ke bhi bjat me.internet use karne layak ho kaye tbhi to digital i.diya ka sapna pura ho skega

  • Abdul Ravoof - 8 years ago

    Dear Sir,

    I trust this mail finds you well.

    I really appreciate High Budget ( Approx $18bn ) "Digital India " Project.The motive of this to provide access of all facilities to rural, village, town people likeE-Health, E-Education, E-care , E-commerce, E-Sports, E- Entertainment etc etc. How this can be possible if Bandwidth / Internet cost is too expensive compared to to Europe orAmerica. Common man cannot afford to pay very high. The reason is : Submarine Cable Landing station Access.

  • Janmay Bhatt - 8 years ago

    Dear Sir, Hope this reaches u, there is a Strong Revolution Going around in Support of Net Neutrality which is under some Strong Criticism from all of us as the rules which will be implied on us would not enable us to use the medium of internet as we are using, Which indirectly have generated questions among our mind as to how will this be in favour of the Vision U gave us during elections of Digital India and Growth for us.Internet is Necessity for us and hope u take action in its favour.

  • Rakesh Chudasama - 8 years ago

    Make Bhavnagar to make India…

  • Rakesh Chudasama - 8 years ago

    Sir….I need help for make in Bhavnagar…..I do something for my nation

  • Vikas Aman Sharma - 9 years ago

    Respected all
    We are talking of digital India but I have saw policemen taking bribes on road side at traffic posts, Police stations and moreover in the Judicial court rooms.Every time private agencies are hired or approached to crack the crime or investigate. Why Do we dont have digital gadgets, equipments in Government departments?