Jhansi Smart City Round 2- MyGov Talk

02 Jun 2016


The Leadership Talk was conducted by the Jhansi Municipal Corporation from 12 noon to 1 pm on Tuesday, 3rd May, 2016 in the Conference Hall of Jhansi Municipal Corporation. The Leadership Talk was chaired by the Mayor Ms. Kiran Raju Bookseller and was attended by the Municipal Commissioner Mr. Arun Prakash, MLA Mr. Ravi Sharma, councilors and senior officials of the ULBs. In addition, experts, representatives from Vyapar Mandal of Jhansi and media persons also attended the Leadership Talk. The Municipal Commissioner presented a quick summary of the smart city proposal submitted by Jhansi Municipal Corporation in Round 1, discussed the plan of action of ULB to finalize the smart city proposal for Round 2 and requested feedback and comments from elected officials, representatives, citizens and experts on the smart city proposal of Jhansi submitted in Round 1 to Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India. The Municipal Commissioner also discussed the revised questionnaire which has been prepared to seek feedback from the citizens in Round 2. It was also informed by the Municipal Commissioner to the participants that one of the key gap areas in smart city proposal of Jhansi was absence of MoUs with the parastatal agencies (like Jal Nigam, Public Works Department, Jhansi Development Authority, electricity department, etc.) defining the roles and responsibilities of government agencies for the projects to be developed under the Smart City mission. The representatives from Vypar Mandal mentioned that they will be very interested in supporting the ULB in implementing the smart city proposal and will be happy to sign MoU with ULB specifying the support which they can provide to ULB for the smart city project.

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