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Post flood Measures for Farmers

22 Jul 2020

Every year Assam faces devastating floods that severely jolt many sectors, especially agriculture. The annual deluge wrecks havoc on large patches of farming lands, destroying crops and livestock and creating water logging, soil erosion, etc. This plummets the production and productivity of crops. However, with a few measures and precautions, the losses can be tamed to a certain extent.

July flood

If seeds are ruined in a flood, arrangements must be made for seed collection from community stockpile after flood.

If there is apprehension for more flood, community stockpile must be set in highlands and short term seeds must be watered.

Short term varieties (120-130 days), such as Bina-11, Lachit, Chilarai, etc., can be watered till early August and can be sowed in early September for a period of 25-30 days.

Medium term varieties such as Srabani, Satyaranjan, Basundhara, etc., can be watered from July 15 and sown by August 10 for 25-30 days.

Ranjit sub-1, Bahadur sub-1, Swarna sub-1, Jalashri, etc., are flood tolerant varieties that do not get ruined even after staying in water for 10-12 days. They can survive flood even if they get immersed in flood water within 7-10 days of sowing.


August flood

Extremely short term varieties such as Luit, Dichang, etc., can be sown by September 10 for 21-25 days. Seeds can be watered till mid August.

Advanced and long term varieties such as Hitesh, Prafulla, Manohar Sali, Andrewasali, etc., can be sown in the fields by August 31 for 45-55 days.

Sesame, urad bean, mung bean, etc., can be watered in medium ground unaffected by flood.

Late floods

Advanced seeds with high productivity must not be sown.

After water level comes down, mung bean or urad bean can be watered in high ground till mid September.

If water levels take time to come down, opt for Rabi crops. TS-31, TS-38, TS-46, TS-67, etc., of mustard are ideal. Lentils or chickpea can also be cultivated.

In order to prevent diseases in crops or pest infestation after flood, it is important to keep the agricultural fields clean. Arrangements must be made for pest-feeding birds to ply in fields. Pest control measures must also be taken from time to time.

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