Winner Announcement of COVID-19 Quiz

21 Oct 2020

Under the leadership of our Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, India has put up a strong fight against COVID-19. We have been internationally applauded for our people-powered and people-driven approach to tackle this virus.

India was one of the first few countries that adopted flexible lockdown, encouraged the usage of masks, actively began contact-tracing, and deployed rapid antigen tests. And in spite of the large population, India has been able to contain the loss of lives caused due to COVID-19.

Everyday India crosses a significant milestone in the number of COVID tests conducted. Moreover, there is a continuous decline in the number of active cases and a constant rise in the number of recovered cases showcasing the successful results of the collaborative, focused, and effective actions taken by the Government.

To further fuel this fight against COVID-19, MyGov launched the ‘Quiz on COVID-19’ on 1st May 2020 to increase Covid awareness amongst citizens & disseminate the right information about COVID-19.

The quiz witnessed massive participation from people across the country, with a total of 2, 37,104 entries, ranging from big cities to small towns. Many participants were able to answer the questions correctly showcasing the level of understanding of general COVID-19 preventive behavior.

We are happy to announce the top 10 participants who were selected on the basis of the points. Name of the Winners User ID
1 Swarup Talokar 19586074
2 Shibsankar 20373894
3 Nemai Lohar 20114384
4 Aditya Mishra 20287104
5 N Mehetab Nasreen 3161954
6 Gayathri 20469344
7 Anshu Vyas 20378244
8 Bidya Bharti 20733304
9 Laksha 19599764
10 Zaid Nasim Khan 16093574

MyGov congratulates all the participants who took the COVID-19 Quiz and urges everyone to keep following COVID-appropriate behavior such as practicing social distancing, wearing face cover or masks, washing hands frequently, regularly disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, etc. until we win this fight against coronavirus!

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