Towards a Smarter Bhopal

05 Jul 2016


The Smart City Mission of Government of India seeks to transform cities into sustainable centers of economic activity. The implementation of the Smart city Proposal is expected to demonstrate how integrated planning, area development and smart technologies can deliver a better quality of life, improve economic output, provide opportunities of jobs and bring about a much-desired urban transformation. Bhopal is one among the 20 lighthouse cities which have been selected in the first round of challenge and is expected to create a replicable model which shall act like a lighthouse to other cities.

Of the 20 cities selected, 19 have come forward with similar retrofitting proposals, but only Bhopal has been chosen for its redevelopment model creating ocean of opportunities for investments, creation of new jobs and generation of revenue through land monetization with the strategic focus on transit oriented development. Bhopal is a lighthouse city but with a difference.

Initiatives and projects undertaken by Bhopal:

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