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16 Jun 2023

In contemporary society, internet connectivity has transformed how businesses operate, how people socialize and most crucially, how governments render services to citizens. The primary responsibility of any government organization is to provide citizens with simple and efficient services. To achieve this goal, the Arunachal Pradesh government has launched e-Seva, a single gateway for all online services. This site seeks to make it simple and effective for citizens to access multiple government services online using a single login portal. The material in this article will provide an in-depth discussion of e-Seva, its characteristics, and the services it provides.

Breakdown of e-Seva

The government of Arunachal Pradesh recently launched e-Seva under the Year of e-Governance Projects, which offers all online services through the e-Seva portal and functions as a single integrated platform. The primary goals underlying the development of this portal are to facilitate residents’ access to online government services, promote ease of living and ease of doing business, and increase productivity, accountability, and transparency of governance in the state. A wide variety of services are available on the E-Seva portal, which is divided into three categories: government-to-citizen (G2C), government-to-business (G2B), and government-to-government (G2G).

Government to citizen (G2C) services:

Under Government to Citizen (G2C) services, e-Seva provides 20 services to the citizens of Arunachal Pradesh. These services include birth and death certificates, land revenue certificates, applications for new water connections, etc. Other important services that come under G2C are marriage certificate, income certificate, caste certificate, application for obtaining a new driving license, application for renewal of driving license, and learner’s driving license. Among the other services are Bill payments including water, tax, electricity bills, etc. payment of Property tax, Motor Vehicle Tax etc. A comprehensive list of all G2C services offered under e-Seva can be found on the official website,

URL:  https://cmeseva.arunachal.gov.in/index.html.

Government to Business (G2B) services:

The major objective behind launching Government to Business (G2B) services is to provide efficient and easy services to businesses and entrepreneurs. Under G2B services, e-Seva provides 72 services in various areas, including licensing, certifications, registrations, etc. These services facilitate the growth of businesses and also contribute to the growth of the state’s economy. Some of the important services that come under G2B are:

  1. Application for a new trade license.
  2. Application for renewal of trade license.
  3. Application for factory license.
  4. Application for obtaining NOC from the Pollution Control Board.
  5. Application for obtaining NOC from the Fire and Emergency Department.
  6. Registration under the Shops and Establishment Act.
  7. Application for obtaining a new VAT registration.
  8. Application for renewal of VAT registration.
  9. Registration under the Central Sales Tax Act.
  10. Registration under the Professional Tax Act.
  11. Application for obtaining the Building Permit.
  12. 12. Application for obtaining NOC from the Town Planning Department.


A detailed list of all G2B services provided by e-Seva is available on the official website.

Government to Government (G2G) services:

The Government to Government (G2G) is the electronic exchange of information between departments, agencies, and organizations within the government. G2G seeks to advance communication, data access, and data exchange in order to promote e-government activities. Services offered by e-Seva include e-Office, e-HRMS, and Treasury MIS. These services focus on enhancing the government’s productivity, accountability, and transparency.

  1. E-Office:

The e-Office is an online document management system designed to digitize all government documents and processes. This system enables government employees to work on electronic files and ensure that they are secure and accessible anytime and anywhere.

2. e-HRMS:

The e-HRMS allows government employees to manage their human resource-related activities. This system helps to maintain employee records, and manage leave and other details digitally.

3. Treasury MIS:

The Treasury Management Information System (MIS) is an IT-based solution designed to manage the state’s treasury operations. It automates the generation of bills, preparation of vouchers, and tracking of all payments and receipts. With the help of this MIS, the state treasury can ensure timely payments to its employees and other departments.

In summary, the e-Seva portal is a commendable initiative taken by the Government of Arunachal Pradesh in providing easy and efficient services to the citizens. This platform provides a single platform for all online government services, which helps citizens and businesses to save time and money. This portal not only enhances transparency, accountability, and productivity but also fosters ease of living and ease of doing business. The e-Seva portal is truly a game-changer in the provision of government services and has the potential to transform the way citizens interact with the government.

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