10 key takeaways from the Prime Minister’s Mann ki Baat

MyGov Team
27 Nov 2017

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s effort to encourage citizen participation has always been appreciated. Playing a crucial role to strengthen this vision is – Mann ki Baat. The radio address has served as a platform for citizens to reach out to the Prime Minister with their suggestions and ideas. In the recently held Mann ki Baat episode on 26th November, the Prime Minister shed light on essential issues.

  1. The Prime Minister appreciated the “Vijaya Karnataka” initiative that urged children to send letters to the Prime Minister. In the letters, the children were aware about the urgent issues the country is facing as well as the initiatives taken for the nation’s progress.
  2. 26th November is Constitution Day. The Constitution of India was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on this day in 1949. It is the day to remember the members of the Constituent Assembly.
  3. Equality for all and sensitivity towards all is the foundation of the Constitution. It assures each citizen fundamental rights irrespective of class or gender. Everyone including citizens and administrators should move forward in accordance with the spirit of the Constitution.
  4. Nine years ago, on the same day, terrorists had launched an attack on Mumbai. The country respects and remembers brave citizens, policemen, security men who lost their lives then. The country can never forget their sacrifice.
  5. Navy Day will be observed on 4th The Indian Navy secures and protects our maritime boundaries. The Indian civilization developed along river banks. The rivers and seas are both economically and strategically important.
  6. In May-June this year during the severe flood in Sri Lanka, three ships of Indian navy helped the government and the people there. During the Rohingya crisis in Bangladesh, the naval ship INS GHADIYAL delivered humanitarian assistance. The Government of Papua New Guinea sent an SOS-message to India, and the Indian navy helped in rescuing the fishermen of a fishing boat.
  7. Ministry of Defence will organize a campaign from December 1 to December 7 during which information about the ARMED FORCES will be disseminated. During week 1, everyone should wear the flag as a mark of respect.
  8. World Soil Day is on the 5th of December. Farmers were earlier using chemical fertilizers arbitrarily which deteriorated the soil-health. After soil health was checked, produce increased significantly as well as the quality. In the Rabi season of 2016-17, wheat production per acre increased three to four times and their income also increased by four to six thousand rupees per acre.
  9. Divyang or the differently abled are performing well in every field of life – sports, social initiatives or any competition. They are firm in their resolve as well as competent, capable, courageous and determined.
  10. The Prime Minister suggested that citizens should think of 5-10 positive things that one may have heard, seen or would have had experienced should be disseminated. The knowledge should be spread which would lead to a spirit of benevolence. This can be conveyed through photographs, in the form of a small story, or as a small video. Prime Minister invited citizens to share their thoughts on NM app or MyGov with #PositiveIndia.

You can watch the entire episode of Mann Ki Baat here:-

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