From ‘Towards a Brighter India’ to ‘The Irreversible Rise of India’

MyGov Team
05 Dec 2017

India is undergoing rapid transformation. It is for the first time since independence that India has been confronted with a change of the magnitude that it’s experiencing today – a change in the mindset and attitude of people. It is this positive attitude and self-confidence within the people of India that has heralded irreversible forces taking the country to new heights. This has been the mantra of the government led by PM Modi and the various schemes launched are based on the same foundation.

Addressing the inaugural session of the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit, PM Narendra Modi spoke about the increasing self-confidence and positive attitude within the people of India. He said that demonetisation has brought a behavioural change in the country and helped move towards a formal economy. PM Modi spoke about establishing a corruption free, citizen-centric and development friendly eco-system with Aadhaar and GST marking the start of a new chapter towards a system which is transparent. He described Aadhaar as an “irreversible change” which would be used to track “benami property”.

He also listed multifarious government projects – Jan Dhan bank accounts, Ujjwala Yojana, Ujala scheme for affordable LED lighting, the National Agriculture Market, affordable accident insurance and life insurance for the poor as well as Digital India – that are helping the irreversible rise of India.

He laid special emphasis on the increased speed in the implementation of government plans by “developing a new work culture in bureaucracy and making it responsive”. The various initiatives have led to permanent changes in the entire system and the result is the country’s ranking jumping from 142 to 100 in Ease of Doing Business in just three years. India’s influence on the international stage is also increasing constantly with a majority of the countries wanting to develop a good relationship with India.

The increasing confidence of people has laid a good foundation for a New India. But the dream will only be fulfilled when every person in the country works towards fulfilling their true potential.

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