#MissionKarmayogi: National Standards for Civil Service Training Institutes Launched

MyGov Team
19 Jul 2022

[Blog by: Hemang Jani]

The recently launched “National Standards for Civil Service Training Institutes” portal for #accreditation and #assessment for all Civil Service Training Institutions is supported by 8 pillars of excellence.

1. Training Needs Assessment:

Training Needs Assessment serves as a diagnostic tool for identifying gaps between existing capacity and desired states, and to convert needs to standard programmes. The pillar focuses on trainings based on functional, behavioural and domain competencies.

2. Faculty Development:

The Faculty Development Pillar entails structured and pre-designed processes for selection, appointment, onboarding, and development of faculty. This pillar focuses on Training of Trainers.

3. Resource Targets:

The Resource Target Pillar focuses on planning and deployment targets of essential resources for capacity building initiatives. It also includes determining training targets for the Civil Service Officers .

4. Digitalisation:

The Digitalisation Pillar promotes digitalisation of training content, and courses. It encourages diversification of modes of training. The pillar also encourages institutes to host their courses/ trainings on the Integrated Government Online Training platform (iGOT).

5. Trainee Support:

The Trainee Support Pillar supports learning of officers throughout the career trajectory. The pillar entails during and beyond classroom support, formal mapping of mentor & trainee, and promoting procedures to enable interactions.

6. Collaboration:

The Collaboration Pillar encourages all institutes to harness the strengths of peer institutes, through collaboration to enhance capacity-building practices, and facilitate peer-to-peer learning. This includes sharing of physical infrastructure, knowledge databases, faculty interactions, leveraging content/course material and networking.

7. Training Evaluation:

The Training Evaluation Pillar captures procedures related to updating courses, ensuring achievement of learning outcomes, and pre- and post-training assessment. The pillar looks to assess impact of a training programme through the perspective of all concerned stakeholders, in the evaluation process.

8. Operations & Governance:

The Operations & Governance Pillar measures autonomy on financial decisions, procurement,, faculty recruitment, course and content, and other aspects. The Pillar also indicates availability of Learning infrastructure, utilisation of data , existence of well-defined key performance metrics, and sustainability measures.



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