#ParikshaPeCharcha: PM Modi responds to students’ questions shared on MyGov

MyGov Team
16 Feb 2018

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has presided over transformative, economic and social sector reforms, which have given a strong boost to India’s development journey. The education sector in particular has been very close to the PM’s heart. Every year in his radio programme Mann Ki Baat, PM Modi has encouraged students to overcome the examination fear. Not only students, but he has also urged the parents to create an atmosphere conducive to studies.

Calling examinations as festival of celebration, PM Modi said that exam should be considered as a pleasure and not pressure.

Making exams fun, PM Modi invited students to share their experiences, anecdotes and methods for studying through an open discussion which was held on MyGov platform. From examination tips to dealing with exam stress, students enthusiastically participated and over 21,000 questions were received from across the country.

“Pariksha Par Charcha” an interactive session between the PM and the students was organized at Talkatora Stuadium on 16th February 2018. The PM addressed the students on the issue of appearing for exams with a smile and without stress. He responded to student’s questions which were shared on MyGov platform. Acknowledging the same, here are some of the selected questions that were featured in the PM’s interactive session-

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