#ParikshaPeCharcha with PM Narendra Modi

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17 Feb 2018

There are many resources which play a role in the growth of an economy. Human capital, which refers to the workforce within an economy is probably one of the most important. A good and productive workforce makes efficient use of the various resources available and can lead an economy to prosperity. Education is the most powerful weapon which can develop the resource of human capital. It is impossible for a country to achieve sustainable development without investing in education.

“A society that does not give importance to education cannot progress. Let there be any Government, it must have a vision to make India shine in the field of education”

PM Narendra Modi

The Government under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi has given education its due importance. PM Modi has repeatedly emphasized on the fact that students have to overcome the fear of examination and celebrate it as a festival instead. The subject is so close to his heart that he even chartered a guide for students on how to approach exams like a warrior. The book, ‘Exam Warriors’ provides 25 useful mantras for students to face examinations without the accompanying stress.

In the same vein, a Town Hall session was organised on the 16th of February, 2018, whereby PM Modi interacted with students on subjects related to examinations. The interaction was aimed at bringing to the fore a discourse about the importance of stress-free examinations.

Calling himself a friend of the students, PM Modi urged his audience to always keep the student in them alive. In the course of the event which lasted for two hours, he took questions from several students across the country on topics ranging from the important of self-confidence, effective time management, peer pressure and improving concentration levels

His answers were enriched with a number of illustrative examples. He quoted Swami Vivekananda to invoke the importance of self-confidence. To illuminate the importance of concentration, the Prime Minister recalled Sachin Tendulkar’s advice on Mann Ki Baat – he said he only focuses on the ball that he is playing at present, and does not worry about the past or future.


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