PMO Mobile App Contest (Phase – 2) – Shortlisted Top 10 Wireframes

10 Jul 2015

PM Mobile App

MyGov launched the Prime Minister’s Office Mobile App Contest on 4th March, 2015 in collaboration with Google. The contest was widely acclaimed for its unique format and the spirit of crowd sourced innovation that it fostered.  The Ideation Phase of the contest (Phase-I), from 4th March to 23rd March, 2015, saw over 9,000 entries being received. Most entries had multiple ideas which the contributors suggested for possible inclusion in the app. Therefore, in terms of the number of ideas as part of the entries, more than 50,000 ideas were suggested during this phase of the contest.

Based on exhaustive selection criteria, the jury selected the top 20 winning ideas. Information about the winning ideas can be seen here.

Subsequent to the announcement of the winning ideas, a comprehensive mobile app blueprint document was prepared. This blueprint included the winning ideas from Phase-I and other standard ideas that are part of the existing PMO India website. The app blueprint document can be accessed here.

After the finalization of the app blueprint document, the wire-frame development phase (Phase-II) of the PMO mobile app contest was launched on 26th May 2015. Unlike Phase-I of the contest, which was an individual participation phase, Phase-II was team phase where participants had to form teams comprising 3 to 6 members.

The Phase-II was open from May 26th to June 21st, 2015. 119 teams submitted their wire frames in this Phase based on the blueprint. The wire frames submitted were of very high quality, and an exhaustive two phase short listing process was devised to evaluate the wire frames.

In the first phase of short listing, the wire frames were scored on a total scale of 100 marks. The evaluation parameters included complete coverage of all features and functionalities mentioned in the blueprint; visual and pictorial representation and placement of features; description and explanation of each wire frames screens and innovation and uniqueness in designing the features.

The top 30 wire frames shortlisted from this phase of evaluation were then exhaustively evaluated in the second phase of evaluation.

The evaluation parameters for the second phase included whether all the broadcast, interactivity and standard features mentioned in the app  blueprint were been included in the wire frame; visual representation and placement of features including consistency of layout; navigation and user friendliness including whether features are easily discoverable, user is able to make out where they are in the app at any moment and use of standard action bar and navigation drawer layout; innovation and uniqueness of design including use of phone feature innovation and innovation in widgets; description and explanation of each screen of the wire frame and adherence to guidelines including material design guidelines and accessibility and W3C guidelines.

Based on these exhaustive evaluation criteria, the 30 wire frames, selected from first phase of evaluation,  were again scored on a fresh scale of 100  marks and the top 10 wire frames were selected from this second phase of evaluation.

It gives us immense pleasure to announce these Top 10 teams, whose wire frames have been selected from Phase-II of the PMO App Contest.

These 10 teams will now be invited to make a presentation in front of a jury. Subsequent to the jury presentation, the top 5 teams will be selected, who under the mentorship of Google will each develop a mobile app based on their respective wire frames. One of the these 5 apps will then be selected as the final PMO India Mobile app.

The 10 teams, listed below in no particular order, will now be invited to make their presentation of wire frames to the jury, at a date and time which will be communicated subsequently.


Team Name

Team Details

1. Happy
  1. Akshat Mishra (Team Leader), New Delhi
  2. Sidharth Raja , New Delhi
  3. Dhruv Chadha, New Delhi
  4. Tanuj Bhatia, New Delhi
2. Crazy Yellow Eggs
  1. Kashyap Rathod (Team Leader) ,  Vasai West – Mumbai
  2. Aditi Deshmukh ,   Kandivali East – Mumbai
  3. Murad Jiwa ,    Malad West – Mumbai
  4. Sneha Madhwani ,   Jalgaon
3. Code Chasers
  1. Chetan Melkani (Team Leader) ,   Gurgaon
  2. Neeraj Kumar Saroya ,    New Delhi
  3. Aditya Agrawal,       Jaipur
4. MindFiZZ Ventures
  1. Senthil Raja S (Team Leader),    Salem
  2. Anamik,     Chennai
  3. Pughalveni R ,     Chennai
5. APPening India
  1. Supriya Tripathi (Team Leader),  New Delhi
  2. Rohit Dheer,     New Delhi
  3. Rajat Sharma ,  New Delhi
  4. Akash Gupta ,   New Delhi
  5. Rahul Dubey ,   New Delhi
  6. Sonal Tripathi , New Delhi
6. Agathiyam
  1. Mangala Jothi Mangalam  Pillai (Team Leader) , Chennai
  2. Aravindaraj Radhakrishnan ,      Puducherry
  3. Priyadharshini Panneerselvam , Villupuram
  4. Satheeshkumar Muthuraj ,   Chennai
  5. Sandhya  Jayaraman , Chennai
  1. Srinivas. K (Team Leader) , Salem
  2. Duraivel. MB ,   Chennai
  3. Karthik.  P , Vellore
  4. Balaji.  D , Chennai
8. Digital Dexters
  1. Sundar Srinath Mohan (Team Leader) , Chennai
  2. Anantha Rishikesan Thamotharan , Chennai
  3. Karthikeyan Subramanian , Chennai
  4. Kumaran Srinivasan , Chennai
  5. Annie Joan John Bosco , Chennai
  6. Kavya Venkatachalam , Chennai
9. Clique
  1. Kapil Koruche (Team Leader) , Pune
  2. Riyaj Shaikh , Pune
  3. Nikhil Karmokar , Pune
  4. Mahesh Galande , Pune
  5. Murlidhar Bagare , Pune
 10 Sanskrit
  1. Raghav  Sarin (Team Leader) , New Delhi
  2. Gyan Lakhwani , New Delhi
  3. Prajwal  Seth,  Gurgaon
  4. Preet S Khalsa ,  New Delhi
  5. Naman Dwivedi , New Delhi
  6. Pranav Sethi ,     New Delhi

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