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27 Apr 2023

The Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s monthly radio programme, Mann Ki Baat, has given a new life to the medium of radio. It has touched the lives of millions across the country and will complete its 100th edition in April 2023.

To celebrate the 100th episode of Mann Ki Baat, MyGov in collaboration with Prasar Bharati (Ministry of Information and Broadcasting) conducted an online quiz ‘Mann Ki Baat @100 – Quiz’ from March 16th to April 25th, 2023.

Highlighting the importance of the 100th Episode of Mann Ki Baat, the quiz was available in 12 regional languages including both Hindi and English. Total 55,410 citizens nationwide participated in this quiz, making it a grand success.

The success of the nation is incomplete without the contribution of its citizens and the implementation a citizen-centric approach, Mann Ki Baat is one remarkable example of it.

The top 25 Winners has been selected by the Selection Committee. The Winners are listed below:

S. No.

User ID



1 45548534 Rahul Goel Uttar Pradesh
2 70792264 Amit Kumar Delhi
3 61105894 Harsh Tokas Delhi
4 70850834 Manjeet Uttar Pradesh
5 61893934 Anshu Sehrawat Delhi
6 66436734 Sachin Tokas Delhi
7 45522354 Alisha Choudhary Uttar Pradesh
8 62145754 Sachin Chaudhary Delhi
9 64088214 Ashish Kumar Haldar Delhi
10 70851314 Manisha Kumari Gujarat
11 70792384 Riyanegi Delhi
12 64087914 Mayank Rathi Delhi
13 64087794 Abhishek Wahi Delhi
14 70864324 Manisha Kumari Bihar
15 66422004 Sandeep Kumar Mishra Rajasthan
16 65638814 SAUGANDH TYAGI Delhi
17 66393714 Pratibha Sharma Rajasthan
18 62148744 Sachin Uttar Pradesh
19 70866074 Abhishek Kumar Delhi
20 70864544 Priyanka Uttar Pradesh
21 70792574 Akanksha Mehra Delhi
22 64087434 Neha Chadha Delhi
23 70863754 Akanksha Uttar Pradesh
24 70864614 Suraj Kaushal Delhi
25 70864714 Abhishek Mishra Uttar Pradesh


MyGov congratulates and thanks all the participants for their contribution and encourages citizens to continue participating in such future activities and do their bit for nation-building.

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