Year of Good Governance

14 Jun 2023



In the past few years, the government of Arunachal Pradesh has played a proactive role in ensuring the accelerated growth of the state. The milestones unlocked by attaining connectivity via air, road and rail to the remote locations of the state, as well as in establishing internet connectivity in areas where communication always remained a challenge, are all testament to the work done by GoAP under the leadership of Chief Minister Pema Khandu ji.

 Govt of Arunachal Pradesh rolled out the budget plan for the fiscal year 2023-24 with the goal of intensifying development in the state, backed by accelerated economic growth and livelihood generation.

This year’s budget’s major purpose is to address the individual requirements of the people of the state while emphasizing overall development and well-being. This article will briefly talk about a few important highlights of the budget for good governance.

 The Year of Aatmanirbhar

 In order to build a self-sufficient economy in the state, the Arunachal Pradesh Budget 2023–24 focuses on reviving the already-existing Aatmanirbhar Arunachal sectors. A budgetary allocation of Rs. 375 crores have been granted to the Aatmanirbhar Yojanas, designed to encourage local communities’ self-reliance and entrepreneurship. The Yojanas include setting up aggregation centers for food processing and micro-food processing through FPOs and FPCs, as well as credit linkage programmes for the agricultural and animal husbandry sectors.

 Along with these programmes, the government has also launched a number of other efforts to support the agriculture industry. The Pashupalan-Yojana and Matsyapalan-Yojana will support animal husbandry and fish farming in the state, respectively, while the Krishi Yojana and Bagwani Yojana have each been given a budget of Rs. 125 crores.

A budget of Rs. 3 crores have been allocated for the Bharat (Vocal for Local) scheme, which aims to support regional industry. And with a budget of Rs. 25 crores, the Khadya Yojana is planned to provide food processing and security in Arunachal Pradesh.

 The Year of Youth Aspirations

The budget also emphasizes youth empowerment through the implementation of several youth-centric schemes, such as the Chief Minister’s Paryatan Vikas Yojana, for which a budget of Rs. 10 crores has been allotted, which intends to stimulate entrepreneurship in the tourism sector. The Chief Minister’s Yuba Kaushal Yojana, with a budget of Rs. 10 crores, would promote high-end skill development training. Arunachal Yuva-Samanvay, with a budget of Rs. 3 crores, will highlight the youth’s potential in performing arts, workshops, sports, and other activities.

 Year of Livelihood Opportunities

It also underlines the requirement for greater livelihoods and employment possibilities. The Chief Minister’s Credit Link Subsidy Scheme was launched with the intention of boosting homestays, adventure tourism, and skill development in the travel industry. Additionally, Mission Young, which has a budget of Rs. 25 lakhs, will use massive job fairs to offer the state’s young skilled workers suitable employment opportunities. Arun Shilp-Kendras, with a budget of Rs. 2 crores, will support regional artisans and craftspeople. To increase work prospects in Arunachal Pradesh, dedicated skill development courses will also be implemented.

 Lastly, the Arunachal Pradesh Budget 2023–24 is an important step in boosting economic growth, generating new job opportunities, and encouraging regional industry. Budgets allocated for programmes like the Aatmanirbhar Yojanas, the Chief Minister’s Paryatan Vikas Yojana, and the Chief Minister’s Yuba Kaushal Yojana will foster youth potential, promote self-reliance, and increase employment prospects. Through the Khadya-Yojana, the Bharat (Vocal for Local) Programme, and Arun Shilp-Kendras, the Arunachal Pradesh government will be focusing on fostering local industries, including agriculture and handicrafts, which would boost the state’s economy and offer job opportunities to its residents. The state’s development and the welfare of its citizens are priorities for the government, which is reflected in the budget for 2023–2024.

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